ZMonsterload at Marshall’s

Went out pick up some new sneakers and on the way stopped at Marshall’s. It was a hot one just a tank top some baggy shorts and seeing how I messed my pants this morning I put on An Abena M4 with a diaper cover.

I was picking out some new undies when I got that “feeling”. I git in line I was about 7th in line. The line was not moving! One woman was buying every t shirt and pair of shorts available. Her bill was $1800 and had 2 carts fulL The one one was no better people buying the entire store.

My back was killing me so I leaned over on the cart. Bad move. When I bent over a 5lb. load shot Into my diaper. A guy around 20. Behind me an yell ‘dude what the fuck?!” II said chill out explained I had 3 Surgeries blah blah Blah, that’s have a diaper and plastic on. And that I waited too long in line to leave now. That calmed him down a bit but now everyone’s attention is now on the enormous load in may shorts. Finally I get to the checkout. Just as I’m waiting for my receipt I feel this horrible stomach cramp. I’m trying will all my might but I can)t hold it and warm poop just fills evrybuntouched spot in my diaper. I was afraid to move. My pants and diaper were sagging and starting to slide down. I thought I was going to have to hold up my shorts with my hands.

By the time I got home my diaper had leaked but only into my plastic pants. It was slippery ride home.

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