yukifuumakuns first wetting experience

well i had found wpb and watched a couple of the wetting videos on it and i got curious i had just finished trying peeing jeans for the first time and had thrown them in the dirty laundry thinking that she wasnt going to wash them that day i was wrong and she came in to the living room where i was watching youtube videos on my laptop (my dad was gone at the time) and asked me why they were wet and smelled like pee i tried to blame it on the cat and she said that she knew the difference between cat pee smell and human pee smell and i think i blushed or something and replied with a mumbled “i wanted to try it” she gave me a disgusted look and told me not to ever do it again so now i just spurt in my panties instead

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  1. That’s about the same thing that happened when I first tried wetting as a teenager. My mom found the underwear I peed in in the laundry before she started it, and I was really embarrassed. Just like your mother, she was pretty disgusted and doesn’t want me to do it again.

  2. Pity you were caught. It is such a lovely pleasure wetting your pants. I hope you will find the enjoyment of doing it again.

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