Your son has had an “Accident” or what?

Hi Group:
Random thoughts and “thread” mainly for those who wet themselves in class and were unable to conceal the fact from either or both parents.
After a particular “flood” some possible out comes might include
1) the School phones home to advise what you have “done” almost straight away
2) Some arrangements made (spare clothes?) and you remain at school until normal time to go home.
3) possiblty you remain in your wet clothes until, normal time to go home.

My musings are over the wide range of possible ways of decribing the episode or fessing up to what you have done.

In my own case, I was left to walk out of school in my very recently wet shorts (I had wee’d in them during last lesson of the afternnon) to meet my mother. I had concealed all evidence of it by putting on my rain coat and doing it up fully. Neverthhteless, I just blurted out “My trousers are all wet!!!”

I have wondered what school might have said had I done it earlier in the school day and they phoned:

“Mrs XXXXX? I’m afraid your son has had an “accident”. Could you come and collect him and bring a change of clothes please? ” or similar.

In my blurting out, why was I not more specific in saying “I’ve wet myself” or “I have wet my pants”

All of the various ways of referring to a wet pants eposode actually excite me to a greater or lesser extent and I wondered if other in this group were similar.

If my teacher had reported to my perents the event, they could alernatively have said:

“M has wet himself
“M has gone the the toilet in his pants”
“M has made a puddle on the foor”
“M has wet in the classroom
“M has made a puddle”
“M left it too late”

In anouncing my hapless plight I might have said:

“I’ve wee’d myself”
“I’ve wet myself”
“I’ve wet my pants”
“I’ve wet my trousers”
“I’ve done wee wee”
“I wet myself in class”
“I couldn’t wait and I went to the toilet in my pants”
“I made a big puddle on the floor”

I just wondered if anyone had recollections of ways that they themswslves refeffred to their “disgrace” or how other referred to the epoisode or episodes if you were habitual or recurrent pants-wetters.

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  1. I like to say, I’ve wet myself or I’ve wet my pants … "wetting my pants" turns me on more than "pissing my pants" or "peeing my pants"

  2. Normally I just tried to hide it an hope that it would dry out quickly.

    When I was in the firt grade we lived in a rural area and the school was about 10 km from home. The school district had buses to get the kids to and from the school. Once I had to go as classes ended, but there were a bunch of boys between me and the bathrooms, so I held off. Then my bus pulled up and I had to get on. As I sat down a big spurt came out, but it didn’t show.

    I sat on the seat next to my friend Vincent, whose house was the last stop before the bus went back to the school. Halfway home I had another enormous urge and lost a huge spurt before I could stop it. There was a big wet spot in the front of my jeans.

    As we got toward my house Vincent and I were in a heated discussion with some girls in the seat behind us. I totally missed my stop, and the bus just went on. As soon as I realized that I had missed my stop I sat down, and then another big spurt came out. My pants were now definitely wet.

    I sat on my seat quietly holding my hands nonchalantly over the front of my pants as the bus trundled on. Eventually it got to Vincent’s house and he got off, leaving me the only kid on the bus. The driver turned back to me and said "did you miss your stop?"

    "Yes," I replied.

    "No problem" he said. "As soon as we get back to the school I’ll just drop you off with my car on the way home."

    I said "OK" and the driver turned the bus back onto the road. Suddenly another huge impulse hit me and another big spurt came out. I looked down and the front of my pants were completely wet from pocket to pocket and down into the crotch.

    When we finally got back to the school the driver parked the bus and went into the building to call my mom so she would not be worried. I ran over to the bathrooms that had an outside access to the playground, but they were locked already. And then another spurt came out. I looked around and there was no one in sight. I ran down to the end of the playground where there were some trees and, behind one of the trees, quickly unzipped my jeans to pee. As I unzipped it started coming out again but I managed to get it out before too much more damage was done.

    When I finished I ran back to the employee parking lot where the bus driver’s car would be. About that time he came out of the building and waved me over to his car. As I approached he looked at me, and then said "wait a minute." He fished in the back seat and grabbed an old newspaper. He handed it to me and said "sit on this so you won’t get the seat wet."

    I was stunned that I had been found out, but relieved that he took it in stride and was not angry.

    When I got home I ran inside, but Mom saw my wet pants before I could run to my room and change. She just said "go change and put those wet pants in the laundry." Normally she would have been angry that a kid my age wet his pants, but I guess she realized I had been stuck on a bus for a long time so it wasn’t completely my fault.

  3. When I did it as a teenager, and it was more than once I never owned up. Mostly I got away with it because either the dark trousers hid it or I controlled myself before it showed. I always saw it at wetting myslef or wetting my pants. I tend not to use piss or shit and always poop in my pants. By my mid teens I did the washing because Mum and Dad worked long hours so if I felt like being wet or messy I could be.

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