Young And Wild

It was friday morning and work was just about over, I worked nights. I had eaten well and had taken 4 stool softeners and drank 3 cups of coffee. After work I’d go to my friends house and hang out and we would have sex, scat sex and all. I was on my way to the train when the first rush of cramps hit me,, wow I had to walk like a duck.. Was holding my butt cheeks tight.. I was about 3 stops from my friends house when it hit me again, this time it had to come out. I made it down the stairs with no problem but when I got to the corner to cross the street, I just leaned against the lamp post and it all started pouring into my diaper mound after mound. My diaper was so full it made my pants sag in the back and you could clearly see I had a big load.. some woman that was near me just looked at me in horror and asked if I was okay .. I said I’m fine but my pants aren’t. she pointed to the wooded area of the park I was near and said I could change there. I waddled into the park and proceeded to take off my diaper with care.. It was full and was very stinky lol. I always carried towels in my bag, so clean up was pretty easy. That was the most I had ever shit in my life, I can’t remember any other time I had taken a shit of that magnitude !! I discarded everything and started walking back towards the train. I made it to my friends house with no other incident and I helped him spread the plastic sheet on the floor of the living room. we got beer and went at it on the floor, he pooped on me and I pooped on him, it was fun, and I’ll never forget the huge shit that my friend missed out on, I never told him, so if you read this buddy love ya !!!

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