Yesterday was a little bit amazing

Yesterday, after i come back from school i planned to try hold my pee and measured how long i can hold it. So after i get out from bus i bought 2 bottles of tea and each volume are 500ml. And before i entered the bus i drink a bottle of soda with volume 525 ml. And i continue with drove a motorcycle on that i drink the tea. When i almost emptied the first bottle i already feel my bladder filling with my soda. And i arrived at home, i already drink all of the tea. So i get in to my bedroom there i ready to hold my pee for long time. around 1.5 years later, i already feels my bladder was full but not desperate yet. To support the holding contest i rad a story about wetting and desperation in my laptop also see some wetting videos. Now I’m getting desperate and desperate. A touch my bladder and it was full. But i look in front of the mirror it’s not look a bulge in my belly. I hold it more longer. Until in a point i feels so desperate and getting hurt, and suddenly my mother arrived from work. I almost feels scared about this. But i still hold it for long peroide. Accidently, i hit my desk. i hit near my bladder it make some wave to my pee desperation. Under my control i let some spurt out but not noticed yet. I drink more water because i feels¬†thirsty. When i want to walk back to my bedroom, it feels hard and i lets a little spurt. In my bedroom i tried to look my underpants condition, it look a little bit wet. I hold a little bit more. And this point i tried to press my bladder, it’s hurt very much and make me bend my self and hold with both my hands. Then i tried to not use my hands to hold my pee. I make a spurt come out, but i make my self to hold a little longer. But and this point i feel sleepy. So i¬†crash into my bed and it hard to hold my pee so i back to sit on my bed. I tried to press my bladder again. I let a big spurt enough to my pants. And i feels it will go out all of my pee from my bladder so i go to bathroom and let some pee in my pants and also pee in closet.

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