Xmas ass breaker

This occurred to me on christmas in 2014 so a couple days ago. On that day all of my family were watching football while others were making tons of food. When it was done, I had gone through 1 and half pans of macaroni beans and steak, followed by an entire ham(we all took a ham home)for the amount i eat, i am a small not very small guy but ya, i ended up waddling out like a pregnant woman with twins. My stomach looked as if someone put a beach ball in it and very red. As I drove home with my stomach lifting up my shirt. As i got home from a 2 hour drive, i felt a tree trying to bust out my asshole. I sat on the toilet trying to get just a quarter of it out, yet it was way too big. I crawled into bed with my humongous stomach looking like a mountain. The next morning it had gone down(i guess it digested quicker than i thought). I felt it coming again, but i ignored cause i really didn’t want to get out of bed. 2 hours later its strong urge struck. For a second i couldn’t move. Minutes later i leaped out of bed clutching my ass cheeks running to my bathroom. I flung my boxers and plopped on the toilet. My body turned red as the log sized shit exited my ass. From that, my dick started blasting cum on the floor and on my legs. With my asshole pulsing i stood up slowly because it hurt if i moved too fast. In the toilet, I saw no water at all. Being stupid I tried to make it flush, only for the toilet to over flow and my entire bathroom floor covered with shitty water…..

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  1. Its a shame you did not do that shit in your underwear, that would have been a great one to sit in and squish all over your ass.

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