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By googlism2008

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Xavier never quite liked going to the cinema. The reason is because the cinema is way too cold for him. Being susceptible to cold makes him want to pee. So the experience watching a movie on the big screen almost always involve desperately full bladder at the end of the show. He always wondered why his body cannot stand the cold, and why it reacts this way. When he is in office, at home, or outside, he could have his fluid intake normally and last quite a few hours before he needs to use the toilet. He never really found the answer. Regardless of the reason, here we describe a typical cinema experience of Xavier, albeit one of his most desperate experiences.

It is a normal weekday when movie ticket prices are cheaper. For Xavier, being single means that show times at weekday evenings is not a problem. Knowing that the cinema would be unbearably chilly, he wears a longer pair of boxer briefs that completely covered his thighs, and brought along a sweater. Due to the equatorial hot weather, he puts on a polo shirt and jeans as his company allows such attire. As Xavier is a manager, he typically spends much of his time in meetings, with the remainder in planning and other administrative work. Those formal meetings typically last a few hours each, but he manages them okay.

As he knocked off from work at 6 pm, he instantly sweats as he exits the office building into the sizzling hot environment. Even though the sun is already starting to set, the long boxer briefs is still a tad too warm. He takes a train to the entertainment district of the city, and took a quick dinner in a food court. Being slightly tired from the long meetings, he would consume a small cup of coffee or tea to perk himself up. To keep himself sufficiently hydrated, he would also buy and consume a small bottle of water, but that would be it.

The movie starts at 7:30 pm, and Xavier finished his dinner just in time for the show. Right before Xavier enters the cinema, he makes a precautionary visit to the toilet. Button flies on his jeans? He has no problems opening it with his deft fingers. That long boxer briefs? It has a conveniently located access hole. As usual, he voids much less urine than he expected, and finds it slightly puzzling where all the ingested fluids have gone to. He suspects that this means that he would need to pee during the movie, but hopefully not too badly. But at this juncture, he does not have much choice, so he heads straight in towards the seats. He passes by the counter selling those gigantic oversized popcorns and soft drinks, but he is not going to buy and consume any of these.

When Xavier presented his ticket at the entrance, he is greeted by a whiff of chilly cold wind. He walks to his seat, and puts on his sweater. Being a weekday, the cinema is usually half full, so Xavier was assigned a seat near the center of the row with both adjacent seats empty. The advertisements started rolling, and Xavier shivered slightly in the cold air that is being forcefully blown down towards the patrons. Despite the additional clothing, he was still not warm enough. He folded his arms tightly in front of his body, and he felt slightly better. About five minutes later, the lights darkened and the movie started.

The plot starts slowly, and the story gradually builds up. Then something significant happened, with a sudden increase in the pace of the story line. Then there was a small climax. A short romance scene ensued, and quickly escalated into a second climax. At this point of time, Xavier felt a slight twinge in his bladder. He ignored it, but shortly after a slightly stronger urge returned. Instinctively he adjusted his position and squeezed his thighs, and the urge went away. The story then goes into another longer lull, but Xavier could feel his bladder filling up. He changed his position again, leaning his body towards one side of the seat. He crossed his right leg over his left leg, allowing the urges to temporarily subside. Being uncomfortably cold, he started rubbing his hands for warmth, and hopefully this will reduce his desire for relief.

Xavier looked into his watch, and noticed that it is barely one hour into the two hour movie. Oh great, he will need to endure for another one full hour. Why must the cinema need to feel like a refrigerator? In any case, the show continues to roll on. The plot thickens and becomes more exciting. A full-on battle begins. Setbacks happened but defeat is narrowly missed, again and again. In the midst of the war, the romance continues to blossom.

Meanwhile, another war is being fought. Xavier’s kidneys started to go into overdrive, pouring even more liquid into the bladder, putting additional pressure on his sphincter muscles. So far the dam still held up, but he started to doubt whether he could last the entire show. But he must, otherwise the purpose of coming to the cinema is defeated. He shifted about in his seat again, uncrossing his legs and then crossed his legs again in the other direction, left leg over right leg. He glanced into his watch a second time. There is a good half hour more, and he is getting incredibly uncomfortable. Rats.

In the movie, the next series of battles are fought smoothly. They are steadily winning ground and the enemy is annihilated. On the other hand, Xavier’s internal war seems to be a war of attrition. The pressure is becoming relentless, and the energy level of the defenses is steadily eroding. But unlike the war in the movie, this battle does not permit any setbacks, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. How much longer is the movie? He took another peek. Fifteen minutes more. Doubts continue to creep in, but he resolved to hold it in.

The movie went into another high tide. The forces launched their final assault. After a very hard battle, the enemy is finally totally beaten. The romance continued. And so Xavier’s relief is near. But no, there is a 180-degree U-turn in the story. The forces could not agree on the rewards, and in an instant half of the forces changed sides. Xavier’s rock hard bladder winced, and in response his legs clamped extra tight, making a double cross. He no longer can sit still, constantly shifting about in his seat. He thought of going to the toilets and looked left and right. There are patrons seated in his row on both sides. Great.

Now the two sides started fighting while negotiations take place. At the same time, Xavier willed his sphincter muscles to continue keeping shut. In the final climax, the forces and the renegades fought along a river by a waterfall. The crashing sound of the water causes huge waves inside Xavier’s bladder, seriously eroding the strength of the dam. Just when the romance is going to abruptly terminate with the female protagonist about to be killed, someone declared very loudly that rewards will be distributed more evenly. It is sufficiently frightening to cause a strong jolt in Xavier’s bladder, and he thought he almost lost it right there.

And all action stopped. Everybody lived happily after. The credits started rolling. Xavier stood up, struggling to contain his imminent flood. But the people on his sides chose to ignore him, enjoying the NG scenes that are displayed alongside the credits. So he sat back down and double crossed his legs again while his bladder threatens to expel its contents out. Although the battle in the movie has ended, the bodily battle of Xavier is not yet over. Finally, when the credits have finished, he stood up again, his whole body trembling. His right leg involuntarily crossed over his left leg, giving his member a tight squeeze as another feeble attempt to stop the waters.

At last, he can now leave the cinema for the desperately needed toilet break. The fellow patrons are taking their own sweet time filing out towards the exit, while he silently cursed and sweared against them. With his body slightly bent forwards, and the occasional but hopefully discrete squeeze on his member, Xavier slowly shuffled into the toilet located so conveniently outside the entrance. Alas, all the urinals are occupied, so he must wait. He is so desperate that he had to do a pee dance, both of his hands firmly grabbing his member.

With the sound of a flush, one urinal became free. Xavier sprang to the unoccupied slot, and frantically reached for his flies below his belt. Oh man, his hands are trembling and sweaty, yet his button flies are so difficult to open in this emergency. Pee is gradually creeping down his member as precious seconds tick by. Come on, he thought, as he made one quick pinch on his member and continued tugging at his buttons. After much fumbling the buttons gave way and opened, but there is still one more obstacle. More precious seconds passed by, as shaky fingers frantically find their way in through the maze, first to find the access hole of the long boxer briefs, then to extricate his member through that hole. As the pee was reaching the tip of his member, almost dripping into his underwear, he managed to pull it out just in the nick of time. It instantly all forcefully gushed out into the porcelain, causing a bit of a splash back.

Xavier was too blissed to care. After what seems an eternity, his bladder finally emptied completely. Feeling very relieved, he was also getting very thirsty. Obviously he did not hydrate himself enough before the show. He purchased a large bottle of water, and headed home by bus. The outside air is cooler in the evening, but very comfortable and never as cold as that inside the cinema. Most importantly, it warmed up his body, his hands, and his feet. It was a good movie, but also nearly caused him to wet himself. And despite the large amount of water ingested after the movie, he strangely does not have a very strong need to pee when he arrived home.

Thus, this description sums up a typical cinema experience of Xavier. As expected, he did not go to the cinema often, often preferring to rent videos if he can wait. However, there are some very good movies that could not be properly enjoyed on his puny television screen, which necessitates going for the big screen very occasionally. And even though he experimented by varying his fluid ingestion within his tolerances of hydration needs, the results were pretty similar. With so many cinema trips, he did not have any accidental leakage yet, which even he himself found quite incredible. However, he also has a hunch, an inner fear that never went away. Perhaps in some day in the future, he might end up having a catastrophic pants wetting accident in the cinema.

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  1. Je pense que Xavier est un peu comme tout le monde, le froid aide à pisser. Moi qui travaille dehors, en hiver, je pisse toutes les heures en cas de journées très froides … en été, on boit beaucoup (d’eau) et on pisse également beaucoup …

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