Wrapping Presents & had a Gift of my own

This was when I was around 14/15 and I was wrapping present for xmas in the living room. While I was wrapping them I felt the need to shit suddenly come upon my and I needed to pee badly too. I had all the doors closed to the living room as I was wrapping presents and I didn’t want my Mum to see. But while I was doing that Mum had gone in the bathroom of our flat and was having  a shower.

I tried to ignore it but bending over to wrap presents on the floor was making it worse and worse. I had never known Mum to tale so long in the shower and was really started to panic and I couldn’t go to the toilet anywhere as if Mum came into the living room after her shower or something there was nowhere for me to hide. I tried to ignore it by wrapping stuff up but I could feel the poo pushing itself out. TBH I was getting turned on by it too so I was starting to not squeeze so much to see what would happen.

As I was wrapping one present up, bent over I could feel the poo behind to push my hole open and gradually it started to come out. It was past the point of no return and as I tied the bows I felt a big load fill my pants. Quite firm and thankfully not too smelly I seemed to poo for ages and my pants were deffo full. I can’t believe that at 14/15 I’d shit myself by accident in the living room with my Mum in the house!!

As soon as I heard Mum open the bathroom door I shouted and said I hadn’t finished yet and so she went to her room. When I heard her door close I waddled into the bathroom and assessed the mess. My pants were full and I plopped the majority of it out into the toilet. Then I took the pants off and sat down on the loo. Needless to say I was pretty hard and as I needed to pee anyway I pushed out the pee through my hard on covering my abs and dick. Once I was too hard for that, I wanked off, cummed a lot, cleaned up afterwards and put the pants back on in order to get them to my room so that I could deal with them later. Mum was none the wise :p

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  1. you should have just had some fun holding it in. Its so sad that so few people play with holding the poo in on this site

  2. Your stories are always brilliant. Keep writing them. Hoping for more videos from you too 🙂

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