Working damp

Another day damp. Just got some new briefs over the weekend, ordered off Amazon, Schiesser, tight and white, best way I know. I know I’ve got a good pair when just pulling them on in the morning makes me hard, so I knew first thing this morning I was going to have a damp day at the office. So far just some minor spurting, letting it dry a little, then adding a bit more. Wore some new Boss socks today too so had to piss all over my left foot too, naturally. Sitting here after lunch now with a bursting bladder and I just keep letting more and more leak out of me. Tempted to head to the bathroom and piss through my briefs sitting on the toilet but the rumbling in my gut tells me that might end in shit filled pants, and without a spare pair I’m not sure I can have a shitty ass the rest of the day….

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  1. All to myself. Rarely get bothered, so I can be a little more bold than most at the workplace. Usually can find the time to dry a little before needing to go anywhere.

  2. I use to sit on the toilet with my speedo swim briefs on and pee regularly while at work. Nylon and lycra can be almost completely dried with toilet paper massaging the wet area. It leaves me dry enough so nothing soaks through and has the added effect of getting me a little aroused too!!!

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