Woodland squatting

This lunchtime was sunny and warm so I decided to buy a sandwich and a can of something and then drive out to the woods to enjoy a wander through the trees and get away from people and noise for an hour.

Parked the car up and headed into the woods. I know these woods well and have never seen anybody in them before but about ten minutes into my walk – and with a mouthful of sandwich – I came to a sudden halt.
There, about 50 meters away in front of me was a naked guy of about my age, slim,  with short dark hair squatting down as if he were about to shit. Instant boner. The voyeur in me took over.
I lent slightly forward and a twig cracked.  He turned and two crystal clear, startled blue eyes looked in my direction. He looked me up and down and then smiled. I stood still and smiled back not sure what to do next.
He brought his eyes to bear on my erect cock which was giving the material of my underwear and jeans a rough time. Precum was already running out of me like a fountain and I knew that even my jeans had a wet spot. I moved closer and he continued to smile. Beside him lay his clothes and on top of the pile were a pair of grey boxer briefs turned almost inside out – a thick chocolate brown skid in the seat of them. 
By now I was past caring what the consequences of my actions might be and picked them up and put them to my nose. The funky smell of healthy piss and shit was almost too much for my straining cock. 
The guy was grinning as he half turned to face me – still in his squatting position. He began to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans then pulled them down and touched my cock through my once-white briefs. Taking my hips  between his hands he gave me to understand that I should turn my back to him and bend down.
I felt his nose gently push its way into the soft material that covered my hole.  He breathed in and moaned with pleasure. I’m a lazy wiper at the best of times and he seemed to appreciate the inevitable result that my briefs were far from squeaky clean.
He pulled them down and I slipped out of my jeans and underwear. He went to work to do some serious cleaning up with his tongue which just drove me over the top and I shot wads of cum onto the leafy ground. His tongue went ever deeper and soon my cock was gathering momentum again.
I turned because I wanted to taste his hole but he wouldn’t move from his squatting position. He had an uncut cock that was quite small and perfect in every way. I squatted in front of him and started to jerk him off. He closed his eyes and looked as if he were in heaven then, quite suddenly, grabbed my other hand and put it between his legs, past his balls and straight to his hole. I needed no second invitation. I began to play with it and periodically sniffed and licked my finger which resulted in a rock hard cock again. 
My middle finger gently felt its way up his arse. It rode in easily on the slippery, chocolaty natural lubricant and he grabbed my other hand to stop me wanking him. He clearly wanted this to last. Two fingers in and then I felt it.  A solid lump of shit was waiting to exit.
He realized what I’d found and looked me in the eye to see if I was going to freak out but I just winked and he started to gently push his log out and, at the same time, tried to push my fingers out of his arse. I kept them in position deep inside him and so they became embedded in the the mass of shit being pushed against them. Both of us were throwing out liters of precum as we remained in that squatting position facing each other. 
At last – and despite my two fingers still deep inside him  – the log began to ooze out of his hole…………into my hand. I get really turned on by the smell of healthy shit and I had the feeling that I was riding the crest of a massive orgasmic wave.  When the whole mass was out and in my hand I withdrew my fingers thinking I was going to have a bit more fun when the guy winked at me, smiled and gave me a gentle push. With my handful of his shit I fell backwards and, before I could recover, he straddled me without ever really leaving his squatting position – then impaled himself on my cock. I was in mild shock as he began to ride me and wow! this guy knew how to pump a cock. His arse muscles squeezed and released, squeezed and released until I thought I was about to explode ………then he froze and totally relaxed until I came down a step or two from my orgiastic pleasure.
It was during one of these little breaks that he grabbed my briefs and carefully placed the head of his dick on the skids in them before wrapping them completely around his cock and starting to jack off into them.
I wanted to give this guy a reward so pulled my legs up and pushed his other hand towards my own arsehole.  He understood.  I let out an explosive fart and out shot a fat solid log abou 10 cm long into his hand. That did it! He went wild as he rode me and I grabbed his cock with my dirty hand and wanked him off as we both yelled our pleasure before exploding within a minute of each other. He just collapsed on top of me and we both seemed to loose consciousness for a good long while in total orgasmic exhaustion.
We cleaned up as best we could and kept each other’s underwear as a souvenir of our woodland exploits.

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  1. How I wish something like this would happen to me!! Great story.

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