Am I the only one that has to keep this a secrete? My other half, does not like my fetishes anymore and will leave me because of them. Is there any other guys here in the same boat? I am in Jacksonville FL. I love wetting and messing in my Levis. TO me it feels good

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  1. No you are not alone. I been shitting, pissing, and masturbating in my pants for over 50 years and been able to keep it a secret from everyone. I enjoy it too and you are right – it feels so good to just do it in my pants. So look at the other stories and blogs and you will see many others in your same boat. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it and don’t give a fuck about anybody else or what they think!

  2. It’s all SO complicated.

    Our fetishes are wired into us so uniquely. I think that your other half resents the fetish because it is something he/she cannot remotely even understand or get into. It’s not like trying a new position, or switching from K-Y to something organic and locally-sourced. It’s a very private and sexual part of yourself that he/she finds distasteful – a major TURN-OFF – and will never be comfortable sharing.

    Understand this: Neither you nor your partner are going to change. If you want to keep the relationship and have an outlet for this fetish, you have two choices: keep it a secret, or figure out some ground rules with your other half to explore an open relationship for the purpose of enjoying fetish activities. Not easy.

    If you end up moving on, you’ll find out that it ain’t easy to find someone who is into what you are into. Are they the right age? Are they the right gender? Are they local to you or willing to consider a move to JAX? Do they look hideous to you? Do they smoke? Do they drink or do drugs? Any of that to excess? Can you live with their religion? Can you live with their politics? Do they hate dogs and love cats, or vice versa? Can you deal with their outlook on life? Are they needy? Are they trustworthy? Will their family try to move in? Do they have an odd hobby that you can’t get into? Do you both hate housecleaning or cooking? Do your personalities conflict?

    After asking all of the necessary questions, it might not seem so hard to work to keep and maintain the relationship.

  3. I’ve been doing it since I was seven years old, I took advantage of the times I was home alone. As far as I know, no one except for a few close friends, who do it themselves, know about it.

  4. My partner knows I’m a DL. I told him the night we met almost 16 years ago and although he’s not into it he lets me do my thing. I usually do it when he’s at work. but I have filled my diaper in front of him.

  5. You’re not alone, but you’re not a member of a huge group, either. It seems clear that we poop and pee lovers constitute a very small minority of the world’s people, although our fetishes are so universally taboo that we will never know just how many other people are in hiding, so to speak, and lonely because of that. There’s a better- than-even chance, I think, that people who claim to abhor fetishes like ours are protesting too much, and have some “dirty” sexual secrets of their own that they hide. We certainly see that type of thing often enough with politicians who espouse “family values” while they’re cheating on their partners, lying to their constituents, and hiding behind the Bible.

    Although my wife knows about my fetishes (I told her about them after more than 40 years of marriage), and has enough common sense and understanding of psychology to know that 1) I can’t stop engaging in them, and 2) that with mutual respect of each other’s needs and desires, they don’t have to be a deal breaker. She herself has no fetishes, lucky her!

    I have long since accepted that my fetishes set me apart from everybody else, even my wife. They have contributed to my failure to achieve as much in life as I might have, and colour every relationship I have, and I don’t have many. Keeping a lifelong secret from virtually everybody is exhausting. I’ve managed to hold on only with the support of my wife and that of three kind and professional female psychologists.

    If you have any chance at all of finding a new partner, places like PooPeeLife.com are probably the best place to be, bearing in mind that you have to be extremely careful. We’d like to think that every member here is “like us,” but human nature being what it is requires that we proceed cautiously with potential relationships. Avoid like the plague anyone who thinks you can change if you really want to, or that they can change you. Among your first topics of conversation with a potential partner should be their knowledge of and philosophies about sexuality; if you can’t agree on what sexual activities are desirable or at least normal, then your chances of a successful liaison are nil.

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