Wonderful Accident

I was with a guy once who shit himself while i was giving him a blowjob. His name was Hank (not his real name). This really happened. We were out looking for a place to have some fun. He had an 8″ thick cock and needed some relief. Mine is 7″ and thick also. As we were driving Mto go right away and that he could hold it untill we finished. Well for some reason that i would later learn why, my cock got hard. Not real hard yet but it was getting there. I also noticed that the bulge in his pants was growing too. I wanted it. I went down on my knees and opened his pants. His cock was hard and thick in his underwear. I didn’t take them off but fished out his cock and went down on it. I was licking his shaft and the head of his cock. That made him really hard and me hard as well. My mouth began to water as i slid my lips over his long shaft and started to suck him. My head began to bob over his cock at this point and I could hear his, breathing get more intense.

I really went to town on, his cock, sucking him hard and fast. I grabbed his ass with both hands and to his cock deep into my throat. When i did that, thats when it happened. As i took his cock deep in my mouth, he let out this huge grunting sound. My hands were still on his ass. By now, I thought he was going to cum big time. I had my face right down to the base of his cock, ready to take his cum. I could smell shit. not shit per say, but when someone passes gass which I thought he did. But no, it was real shit. He yelled, “i’m going to shit my pants big time” Well I froze, his cock deep in my mouth and my face right on his belly.

My hands were still on his ass as he yelled again saying ” I’m going to shit, I’m going to shit”. I could feel his ass open up and I knew it was comming. Hank yelled again, ” It’s comming out. I can’t hold it anymore. I’m Shitting, I’m Shitting.” I stayed in that position as he startedto shit. I could feel the first lump slide out of his ass and land in his underwear. It was a very firm log. He yelled again ” Here it comes. I’m Shitting, I’m Shitting”. He wasn’t kidding. Another log came out anditwas softer then the last log was. I felt it with my hands as he kept shitting. With my nose where it was, I could smell the shit as it was happening. By this time, I was as hardas a rock. Harder then I have ever been in my life. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I knew that iwas going to cum right then and there If he kept shitting. He kept yelling, “i’m Shitting, I’m Shitting”. The shit kept on comming into hisunderwea r. I thought he would never stop sallyhitting himself. 

Finally, he was finished shitting. It wasa huge load. Hisusly  underwear could not hold anymore. My cock finally spasmed and I came in my pants. I came so hard, that I shuttered from the force of it. I still had his shaft in my mouth so i began sucking him off again more vigorously then before. He came hard. While he was cumming, I pissed myself. I wad soaked. I would have shit my pants too if I had needed to. After we were done, h He took theme took off his underwear and left them where they fell. I could now see how much he had shit. it was a huge load. He saw that I had pissed myself and cum in my underwear. He asked if  he could have them, so i gave them to him..He sniffed them and put them in his car. We left and went our seperate ways. I never saw him anymore. I’ll always remember that day and still think about it today.


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  1. Guess you never know what’ll happen when you relax your muscles enough. I shit myself during sex once when I was a young lad in my 20s. It wasn’t intentional and the guy wasn’t very understanding. And I pissed myself many times when I was taking it up the rear. Prostate stimulation with a full or semi-full bladder was sometimes more than I could handle.

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