Witnessing my first Accident

I was walking into my bank to meet with my banker, Gio at his request. I never did mind these semi-annual meetings. Gio was 6’3”, early 30’s, Latino and hot. He looked especially fine today, in crisp gray dress pants with a white shirt and tie. The pants fit him perfectly, which flattered his package in the front and his muscular ass in the back. I admired everything as he walked from his office to show me in.
The bank manager also attended the meeting, which was now running 40 minutes. Gio chose to stand during the last 15 minutes and was frankly, looking very uncomfortable. I wondered what that was about. I decided that I needed a whiz before I completed the rest of the day’s errands. The meeting wound down, almost to everyone’s relief. The bank manager shook our hands, wished us a good weekend and left. Gio waited for me to walk out.
“Can I use your Men’s room before I head out,” I asked. “Sure, Gio replied, looking rather annoyed that I should ask. He led me to the door of the men’s room and pulled on the door. It was locked.
Gio looked somewhat shocked. “It’s OK,” I told him, “I can go at my next stop.” “No, please”, Gio responded, “I can get someone to unlock it.” He punched some numbers into his cell phone and waited. “This is unusual, there is always someone here.” Finally, Gio got a response on the other end of the call and requested that the men’s room be unlocked.
We waited, somewhat uncomfortably. Gio was getting visibly distressed. “Are you OK?” I asked him. “I got to go too,” he said quietly and I saw him move his hand to touch his dick, but stopped him before he did. He kind of paced in front of the door and was visible sweating in the air conditioned coolness. Minutes passed and he began to occasionally suck the air through his teeth. He kind of slowly rocked from one foot to another. “This is not good, man.” He repeated twice in a desperate tone. He moved in front of me to try the door again. I could actually see his asshole twitching through his pants. He clenched and unclenched his muscular cheeks. He looked as if he wanted to stick the middle 3 fingers of his right hand up his ass. I started to involuntarily pop a boner as I watched this hot dude hold back a huge dump.
“Where the fuck is this guy, this is no good, man,” he moaned. He farted softly twice, “pbbb, psssssst.” His face turned red and he grimaced. He bent forward slightly. “I’m shitting in my pants.” He spoke softly through his clenched teeth. I heard a crackling sound, a fart and more crackling. The smell of his shit wafted through the air. “This is so embarrassing,” he said sheepishly, as he did not know which way to stand. “I am so sorry about this.” I noticed the big mound of shit in his pants. If that wasn’t enough, he pissed down the left leg of the front of his pants.
The maintenance guy appeared from around a corner. He did not exactly hide a slight look of disgust on his face as he unlocked the door and stepped to the side. Gio bolted for a stall and I tried with some success to pee through my hard-on.

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  1. I would have offered him my underwear at least, and would have offered him a good hand(and tongue) lol. Great story and take advantage of it next time !! hugs !!

  2. Finish the story. Or make up what you’d like to see happen. Would he have let you “look at the damage”. I would have told him to let me flatten it out so know one could tell. Then give the load a good squeeze

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