WITNESSED:the first time…

This is the first time I clearly recall witnessing a person messing their pants,

I was only 17 years old or perhaps just turned 18 . I was enjoying a warm summers day at the local park with friends & family. Kicking around a ball, playing frisbee, doing what kids do. It was one of those “happy days” that you will recall from your childhood.

We’d had a picnic lunch sat on the grass. Mid afternoon we’d had the fun & games that comes with ordering seven 99’s with a flake from the ice cream van.

About 3:30pm I felt the need to use the toilet. The park itself is well maintained, despite the age of the facilities. I just give my parents the nod I was going to the toilet (not for permission, but after last time, it was prudent. Last time my brother sauntered off to the toilets, we spent half an hour in total panic, with half the park wardens looking for him! – anyway – I digress)

I walked into the bathrooms. Plainly tiled with stainless steel fixtures. Primitive, but functional. To the left a long stainless steel trough urinal and to the right 2 stalls – both occupied. As I turned right I noticed a guy leaving the stall & another guy going in – both stalls engaged. So i waited as casually as you can in a bathroom with out giving the impression of loitering.

As i stood, waiting, a chavvy looking guy kinda semi-jogged in. he was a little taller than me; older looking too, maybe 18-20. He stood there, Nike baseball cap, Manchester united football shirt, dark blue Adidas tracksuit pants, high on his football socks and unfastened, well worn Reebok classic trainers. They were loose & he stood slipping his heel in and out of them. The lad adjusted his cap & put his right hand under his top & on his abs and stomach, revealing a smooth body & a glimpse of his red Calvin Klein waistband.

He seemed short of breath, either due to his efforts to get to the bathroom or down to the discomfort of his guts. He definitely seemed unsettled, shifting from foot to foot. I heard a pretty loud fart. He looked at me, bright red in the face “sorry mate” came the grunt. He took a sharp breath and continued to rub and reveal his smooth abs, as he shifted about. I heard him groan softly under his breath, I could see a sort of determination, but desperation on his face. I heard him fart again. it sounded from my limited experience at the time, uncomfortably wet! His left hand flashed round to cover his arse. He looked at me red faced and began to speak, “mate, any chance I could go next?” I was partially stunned, I just replied “Yeah, its ok”. I wasn’t in a hurry. I got a gruff “Thanks mate” in reply.

There was a distinct sound of a paper dispenser being used. One of the guys was finishing up. The troubled chavvy lad farted again, this time followed by him grunting “Urgh”.

I had imagined that those Calvin Klein underwear that he’d been happy to flash the waistband of, was somewhat in trouble. He was red in the face & looking very uncomfortable. One of the toilets flushed, and his blue eyes lit up. Literally, as the door opened and the occupant emerged, he looked at me gruffly said “Cheers mate”.

Within the first stride, there was a resounding wet fart, and a sound I can only describe as “spattering”. His left hand still on his arse, the right hand throwing the stall door open. Clear as day the whole bathroom must have heard him “Oh F*ck, n-n-n-o, oh no, F*ck!” That last “spattering” didn’t sound too good. He slammed and loudly clattered the door latch.

In all the excitement my attention was diverted away from the other stall, which was now becoming vacant. I entered the stall & started to take care of my business. Under the stall wall my attention was drawn to the chavvy lad slipping off his Reebok Classics. With one tipped on its side, the insides were as grubby as the outside & those football socks were far from white! He appeared to be taking off his Tracksuit pants. I heard a grunt followed by a wave of slop. Two or three waves of sloppy poop splattered the bowl. I saw him slipping his feet back into the grubby trainers.

He pulled what sounded like yards of paper off the roll. This went on. He stood up, he flushed the door opened and he was gone. I finished what i was there to do. I wiped, flushed & vacated the stall. I walked over to the stainless steel sinks, applied liquid soap, water and began washing my hands.

As I dried my hands on the highly moisture resistant paper towels I noticed in the bin, a pair of Calvin Klein boxers with red waistband. With the looks of things that rugged chavvy lad had definitely pooped himself!

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  1. Wish i been there as i would hsve said no there’s a queue so wait your turn. I not really in to shite but would love to have seen. I normally carry a couple of bags so i mught have taken his shit stained undies depending on state of them. if they been peed only i would have definitely taken with me

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