Wishful Thinking Rape – part 2

Summary of the previous part: while walking hand in hand with my wife, we were attacked by a mysterious stranger who took us to dark deserted building and tied up my wife, having different plans for me. After what he thought was forced blowjob he realized I actually enjoy this as I shot a big load of sperm right into his throat in matter of minutes. His next step was fucking me bareback, all in front of my wife. Being dirty minded and having full stomach from whole day without taking a dump, I decided to give my nice captor a big and brown surprise. As he was fucking me I pushed hard, and was able to push his cock out my butt… along with big turd of solid poop. He looked shocked at first but regained his composure quickly commanding me: “Take it all out, you dirty little pig” with a little smile.

Smiling myself, not caring what my wife will think anymore, I squat over the single big turd and prepare myself to empty my bowels. After two more big solid turds there is a pause, then after ten second I feel the second wave coming. Grunting as I push, big load of soft poop comes out in explosion, covering the whole area beneath me. The captor look down with appreciation and nods his head, signaling me to continue. Thinking I am done I just hover, keeping my muscles relaxed and planning what to do next. No toilet paper around, I get aroused thinking I will walk with dirty pants. My flaccid penis starting to get hard again, I suddenly feel third wave of poop making its way down my body. I tense my muscles and push, but soon realize this one is a massive and very thick solid turd. I am able to push its head out, maybe inch or two but then it’s stuck. I grunt with effort and push as hard as I can, but the turd just won’t budge. I look up on the captor, he watch the turtle head and almost laugh. My penis is now in full erection again, direct result of the massive turd blocking my butt. Kinky idea forms in my head..

While still squatting, I take one hand and carefully touch the turd. Solid and warm under my fingers, I push it inwards back inside my ass. With satisfied smile and now couple of dirty fingers, I get up and stand near the captor, feeling the turd still clogging the inside of my butt. Without saying a word, I suck the stranger’s cock until he’s big and hard, ignoring the taste of my own poop that was almost dry on his penis. When he’s hard enough I stop, turn around and make it very clear what I want. I can’t see him, but very soon feel he took the hint and his cock is now doing its way inside. He push hard to overcome the turd obstacle, and finally his hard cock wins. It feels weird as the turd breaks to many small parts and his cock keeping them all inside while fucking me. Without touching my penis, precum start flowing and I’m getting close to orgasm. The captor also groans with pleasure as he increase the speed of his pounding and I can tell he’s also very close to climax. Out of a whim I flex my butt muscles over his cock and the trapped poop, and this cause him to explode with a loud moan. His cock shooting wave after wave of sperm inside me, I also let the orgasm wash my body with waves of pleasure. Being so close to the previous ejaculation, my penis produce just a small amount of sperm this time, landing on the floor below me, but the orgasm is long and most intensive I had in very long time.. maybe ever. He stay inside me for a long moment, until his penis start to soften then he carefully takes it out with one hand. Covered with poop and his own sperm, the sight of his cock is beautiful. He looks both exhausted and confused, not sure what to do with his dirty penis. From a proud captor, he turned to a captive – captured in my twisted net of ideas, though so far he seemed to enjoy each and every second of that.

Wanting to make him happy, I bend on my knees before him and suck his dirty penis until it’s clean again, swallowing poop and sperm alike while well aware my ass is very full. Giving me satisfied smile and too tired to say anything, he walks away and sit besides my wife while still watching me. I peak at her too, noticing she has unreadable expression on her face, as if not knowing what to think anymore.

I feel strong urge to poop and get back to the pile I created less than ten minutes ago, squatting over it yet again. As soon as I let go, small balls of solid poop come out my ass mixed with sticky cum. It keeps piling below me for almost a full minute and I’m amazed at the huge amount of cum the captor who became my best sex partner had. After I was finally done the pile of poop got really big and high, almost reaching my butt ten inches above the floor. This is undoubtedly the biggest dump I never had, bigger even than what I had back as 10 years old kid after not pooping for whole week and clogging the toilet. As if to make this official record, my body gives me another signal and final wave of soft poop emerge in a quick and strong stream, adding one last level to the glorious pile.

My captor claps his hands. “Well done! Never saw such amount of poop from one person. Now be a good boy and sit on this pile please”. I am shocked at first, staying still for some seconds to think. While loving to watch scat I never actually did anything so extreme and didn’t believe I will try. I doubted the captor will use his now forsaken knife; he became more of a close friend by now. However still excited from everything that happened I decided to obey and just see where it takes me. I stood up to release my aching leg muscles, then slowly sat down. The top level still warm, it covers my butt cheeks as I get deeper into the pile. I feel the solid balls now crashing and flattening below my weight and finally reach the original pile of three big turds and soft poop. Sitting now deep in my own mess, I suddenly realize I really must take a piss.. the urge arrived suddenly and was now really strong. Aiming my flaccid penis upwards I let go and it immediately ejects clear and very strong stream of pee. It goes over my belly and my chest, reaching easily my mouth. I open it and taste some pee but spit most. Too salty. I aim the rest towards my captor who sit naked near my wife and reach half way making big puddle on the building floor. I notice he untied my wife, probably sure she’s too shocked to do anything. After whole two minutes I am finally done, feeling really empty now. Pee still dripping down my neck, wetting the poop pile which is all around me. Before I can decide what to do next, the other guy stands up with naughty look in his eyes. “You reminded me, I also have to take a leak”.

I look at his semi erect penis as he approaches me, it’s exactly in the same height now as my head while I sit. He keeps going though, and push his penis to my mouth. Hesitating just for a bit, I start sucking eagerly and shortly feel warmness in my mouth as he start pissing. I keep sucking while the stream gets stronger, swallowing as much of the urine as I can and letting the rest leak outside, spilling on my body. The taste is good, not salty like my own and I also feel his penis getting harder and bigger. By the time he finish he has full erection and I notice he stands on my pile of poop, his feet deep inside the mush while both his hands on my head, stroking my hair gently as I suck him expertly. He moans in pleasure as he’s nearing orgasm and I’m sure he’s going to let me swallow his load; he got different plan in mind though.

My wife sit on the floor several meters away from us, I nearly forgot she’s even there. However the captor did not forget and taking his cock out my mouth he approaches her and tells her to undress. His tone is more like official request than brutal command but she obeys, moving like a robot. While she takes all her clothes down he keep his penis hard by jerking, looking at me sitting inside my pile of poop. As soon as she drop her pink panties down to the floor he approaches her from behind and without a word penetrate her ass. I never fucked her anal and she told me she never tried; I’m amazed he got inside so smoothly and more amazed she didn’t even squirm or looked as if it hurts. On the contrary, she looked like she was enjoying it. Very much. As he fucked her from behind faster and faster and she groaned with obvious pleasure, I started to wonder if I know her as well as I always thought. Does it mean she was cheating on me with other guys who fucked her anally thus made her familiar with this? One thing is for sure, we had long talk ahead of us when this will be over. Shoving this to the back of my mind I kept watching, perplexed. I couldn’t help noticing that his cock was dirty with poop now; I recalled my wife used the toilet back in the restaurant, less than two hours ago which now looked like eternity, other life time. Does it mean she did not wipe well on purpose, leaving her ass dirty? She was always shiny clean when we had sex but on the other hand, she always took quick shower before. Yet another brick in the mystery wall that I was beginning to like. The young captor didn’t seem to mind the unexpected lubricant, and after one final push I saw his butt muscles contracting as he shot loads of fresh semen into my wife’s butt. He took his penis out as soon as he was done, it was streaked with poop and the penis head was smeared with mix of poop and sperm. This time he didn’t bother to clean it or ask either of us to lick it clean. The exhausted guy took several steps away and sat down, my poop on his feet and my wife’s poop on his fast softening penis. “God, you two are heavenly couple” was all he said, tired smile over his face. I didn’t bother telling him I had no green idea about this side in my wife until this very moment.

…to be continued…

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