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I got some wishes and suggestions for many pantypooping videos (both paid and amateur), but many other fetishists can add some suggestions or possible wishes for other kinds of videos here. Not everyone has to follow the list, but I believe some of it can be note worthy and some people may already be doing some of this as we speak.

1. Being able to act.
 Why? Because it add believability to the situation some people are in. Thus make the viewer more inclined to believe the person is having an accident (if the person does accident videos). If you have trouble acting you can take some acting/drama lessons to improve, by doing that you can strengthen the bond between the viewer and the person watching your videos.

2. A good diet.
This is something that is very important. There are many videos I’ve seen, where the person that tries to poo him/herself, will struggle to poop and sometimes some of them may pee themselves or have a small nugget in the end of the video.
One of the best ways to produce a big load, is to eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day. This can work very well, if you hold a bowel movement for 3-4 days or more and decided to snack on both foods with fiber and pysillum husk (fiber that makes poop bigger). If you try this, make sure you’re well hydrated with water.

3. Use your own personalized mat.
For any unwanted leaks and messes that dribble out, you can use a plastic mat just in case if you have diarrhea or for any other messy things that happens.

4. Knowing how to get diarrhea.
This part can be easy for some people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or Crohns disease, for those without those diseases. Castor oil can help clear out people’s bowels in the form of liquid diarrhea. Eating Haribo sugar free gummy bears are reported to give people diarrhea. For some people greasy foods can do the trick, laxatives and prune juice can work, but not for everyone.
        There are enemas, but some people can try this one enema trick from diapered online (http://www.diaperedonline.com/main/messy-diaper-trick/).

5. Mix it up.
         As in making yourself fart while pantypooping, peeing yourself; booty shaking and twerking. Probably you could wear some sexy tight fitting underwear. Give yourself a wedgie before or after you did the “deed”, rub your poo filled pants somewhere (where you can easily clean up). Just do something a bit erotic with what you’re doing. Maybe a combination of using fiber, pyillium husk and castor oil, or the enema trick with the pysllium husk.

6. Cleaning up
        For many people, cleaning up the mess can be a hassle. This is a very important step, since everyone will go through with this at some point. If you’re using a diaper to throwing away underwear, try using two bags to easily dispose the mess with little to no smell. For reusing the soiled underwear, I got a list for you. I haven’t done this so, be careful as you do this at your own risk. I believe there are other alternatives to cleaning up your mess.

a. If you have a place, where you can have total privacy without anyone enter in and out. Get a bucket or a plastic basin.
b. You could use bleach if you have white underwear, but for other colours, soap can help. Add the bleach/soap into the bucket and put the soiled underwear in the bucket.
c. Fill the bucket with warm water.
d. Get something to cover the top of the bucket. If there’s no cover for the bucket, cover the top of the bucket with a plastic wrap and tape the edges of the wrap.
e. Place the bucket somewhere that no one could find it.
f. Depending on the mess, the minutes and hours depends on how long the poo will unstick from the underwear.
g. Get some disposable rubber cleaning gloves and take the underwear out the bucket. Warning the bucket can smell really bad, so do this in a vacant area.
h. You can try to wash the underwear.
i. Throwout the mess from the bucket in the toilet.

        For the general clean up, when you have an accident, even when you’re in public. Always have some baby wipes, they’re designed to clean up poopy messes. The wipes will perform better at wiping than regular toilet paper at cleaning up those pantypooping accidents. This can also be ideal for cleaning the underwear it self, if you’re not throwing it away.

Here some links for some of the stuff I mentioned.
http://www.diaperedonline.com/main/product-endorsement-enemeez/ (an enema bottle)

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