Winter musings… Poopy pants and thinking about good times.

As I felt the urge coming on this morning to shit, instead of using the toilet, I put on an older pair of FTL boxer briefs under my mesh shorts and went back to bed. As I laid there, working on the poop, I got hard and leaked precum into my underwear. It was worth the effort of getting up in the early hours to put on my old underwear. The load was a nice dollop of poo. A nice big one that stank nicely and felt oh, so good! While pushing the load, I thought how nice it could have been if I could have done this on a walk.

Damn. I can’t it’s winter! The ground is frozen and it’s too cold outside to enjoy a good walk and pants poop. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it before more than once. That warm feeling in the butt from that nice soft stinky load feels awesome, but it’s just too cold where I am to really enjoy sitting in it, squishing, and wetting so now I wait for spring to take my leisurely walks along the river trail. I suppose I could have just pooped, but I wanted to wet too as I’ve been doing a lot lately, and doing that this time of year isn’t fun.

Anyway, as I was working my load, I was thinking again and back to one of the past times and outdoor summertime poops. I don’t remember what I had on exactly, but being the times in the late 1980’s it was most likely the standard affair of old FTL tighty-whities with the blue and gold band under a pair of shorts since I was out bike riding that day. My shorts… I’d never fit in them today if they’re the ones I was thinking about! Back in the 1980’s I weighed about 130 lbs. 59 kg, and skinny as a rail. Being that much older, I ain’t so thin anymore.

This particular summer day was much like the others I used to enjoy on the weekends back then. I’d go out to the garage bursting a gut to poop, fix up my bike, and take off on the road after changing into my pooping underwear. In this time, I used to store my found underwear and used underwear in my car in a plastic box for jumper cables and that worked perfectly to hold my stash. Since this probably the case, I chose a pair of already stained, and probably lumpy pair with dry poop in the seat from my collection and changed into them in the garage.

After my short ride through town down to the railroad tracks, I found my favorite pooping spot. I sat down on the ground crossed my legs and pushed a bit into my shorts. I stood up and squished the small amount into place with my hand. I was already hard! Like now just thinking about a crap in my pants gets me into gear and my cock stands up like an attentive soldier!

Instead of sitting back down and finishing off the load as I’m apt to do, I decided to walk down towards the reservation along the tracks. As I walked along, I pushed a bit more and let it tent out my pants as I walked along. Oh, that warm gorgeous feeling! The odor of poop mixed with the woodlands and faint odor from the river, made me feel like I was in heaven. Instead of pushing more into my pants then, I kept walking to let the urge build up again. There was no doubt I still needed to go, and I could feel it pushing its self at the door.

I continued on my walk, but before pushing more out, I squished this load into place. I squished it down to the thickness of a piece of thick paper then added to it. This time it was a bit softer and I let out a lot more than I had previously. I squished that down and continued walking with a raging hard on and a racing heart.

Finally I got to my destination after more pushing and squishing and I had to finish off. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I sat on the ground with my legs crossed and let the rest push out into my pants. This last amount was quite big considering I had already pushed out a good amount already.

As I sat there in my messy pants, I rocked back and forth to flatten everything down and jerked off. The mess, odor, and warm sunlight made me feel faint. Once done, I enjoyed my mess for a bit more before rinsing myself and my underwear off in the river.

The rest of the bike ride was quite fruitful. A bit later I had to pee and let it out into my shorts, and then on my return trip I found another couple of pairs of underwear. When I got back to the house, the underwear went into my black plastic box along with the pair I was wearing, and I went into the house to shower.

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  1. It sure was. I wish I was that much younger now and still lived in that place that made this happen. The trails were perfect for pooping. Today I have a river trail, but there are others around that make me nervous including dopers.

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