Wife’s friend stomach upset

My wife was out this day and I was expecting a visit from one of her friends who was helping her organise a Guides event. Elaine is in her 30’s and a little plump but ok. She was in out conservatory sortin out some kit, when she said she had a stomach ache and needed the toilet. She went and the nest thing I heard was ‘Arthur can you help me’ . She was stood outside the bathroom very red faced. She said ‘I didn’t make it in time I’ve messed myself’. It was a very soft diarrhoea and was filling her shorts and going down her legs. I got her in the bathroom and took her trainers off and got her to stand in the bath. She complained that her stomach was still aching, and another load came down her legs, washed down by a flow of pee. She was holding her t shirt up and I pulled her shorts and pants down. I was able to clean her up with the shower hose but used a flannel for her bottom and between her legs. She sat on the edge of the bath and did a wee. I was able to find some of my wife’s clothes for her so she was decent.

A few weeks later she asked me why I had not tried to have sex with her, I just did not think about it! But I did tell her that I had a good wank after.

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  1. Its an ill wind etc.Her little accident was such a great turn on for you.Sounds like she would have been happy for you to fuck her.

  2. ha he let her down and had a wank instead of sex but guess he thought it was out of the question due to the mess she had been shame she didn’t more too him of what she wanted

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