Wife's Forced Desperation

I have always had a fantasy I wish I could share with my wife.  I would like to put a plug in my wife’s ass and not let her remove it for 2 or 3 days making her quite desperate to relieve herself.  It would also be quite a joy watching her waddle around with the plug in especially in public places.  After 3 days when she is extremely desperate I would take her to a mall after a very large high fiber meal.  I would walk behind her and watch her walk around desperate for relief.  After she begs me with tears in her eyes I would agree to take her home.  However, once at home I would stip her of everything except her panties and tell her that I will remove the plug exactly one hour after she completes dring 1 full liter of water.  After she drinks the water I tie her bent over the bed with plastic and towels at her feet.  I tell her if she pees even a little the plug will remain another day.  At this point she is crying in desperation from both her bowels and bladder.  She thinks I will untie her and allow her to use the bathroom after the hour.  She is wrong!  At exactly 60 minutes, I slide the panties aside and remove the plug which is signficantly stained.  I slide the white panties back in place and put the plug on a towel only inches from her face so she can see how dirty she is.  I tell her if she can make it 1 hour without releasing either her bowels or bladder she will be allowed to use the toilet but if she releases her bladder only she will be re-plugged.  Of course she makes it only 15 minutes before the pee is streaming down her legs.  I wait a minute or two and walk around and grab the plug, she knows what is coming.  Suddenly I hear the familar crackle of her panties being filled.  The look of humiliation on her face is truely erotic.  She contiues to fill her panties for nearly 5 minutes.  At this point she looks up at me and says “now that you made me humiliate myself can I get cleaned up”.  I reply “are you totaly empty”.  She states “I think so”.  I say “you still have the remaining 40 minutes to figure it out while you are tied up and when your hour of being tied up is complete, I will use my finger to determine if you have completely voided your bowels and if not we will start all over again.”  She begins to cry and I hear more very soft poop filling her panties.  They are overloaded.  I tell her she has a choice at this point.  1.  We will do this for my entertainement once a month or 2. She can put a diaper over her soiled panties, recieve and spanking for soiling herself and go back to the mall and purchase 3 things from 3 different stores and she will have 6 months off.  She chose #2 and that will be the next story. 


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