Wife has acccident

A few weeks ago my wife went out with a few friends, the usually go shopping and have a meal and a few drinks. 

This time she came home later than usual. I saw the taxi arrive so I went to meet her. She got out and paid the taxi driver. She looked vert pale, I sked if she was ok. She said she felt sick, She had eaten fish and thought it may have been off.
As we walked up the path, she was sick, this lasted for a couple of minuetes. After she said she felt much better. We went into the lounge and began to watch some TV. After a while she said she had a stomach pain. She got up and headed for the bathroom. I heard her go up the stairs, then she called me. She was standing half way up the stairs, and I asked what was the matter. Then I saw a brown stain in her pink jeans get bigger, and she blurted out ‘I’ve  messed my self, please help me’
I took her into the bath room and stood her in the shower and took down her jeans. As I did she had another stomach ache and messed herself a second time, soft poop falling down her legs. I pulled off her blue panties and began to clean her up. 
After a while she was clean and feeling better. she said she was sorry as she had such a bad stomach ache, she told me the last time she messed herself she was on holiday with her parents and and had an accident in her swimsuit.
This incident really turned me on and gave me a good erection. 
She was not up for sex, but gave me nice hand job.

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