Wife Desperate to Shit

My wife, Hana, gets turned on by unloading big hard shits. She says it’s the feeling of being full combined with the pleasurable pain of having a log force its way out that really does it for her. Many a time I have seen her holding onto a giant turd for as long as she can and get brought to orgasm as it forces its way out of her.

Hana once suffered a back injury, nothing serious, but it meant she was prescribed Tramadol which if you don’t know is a very strong painkiller that has constipation as a side effect. The doctor told her to avoid a high fibre diet while on the pills and prescribed suppositories in case she needed help to relieve herself. Naturally she thought this situation was great and was determined to eat a normal amount, if not more fiber than usual with the intention of taking a giant shit once the course of Tramadol was over. I had warned her that this might be a bad idea but was instantly ignored and asked “Do you want to watch me getting turned on taking a huge firm dump or not?”, the answer of course was that I did and so I stayed quiet about it after that.

The course of painkillers eneded five or six days after Hana had last emptied her bowels. We were sat watching TV when she suddenly moaned softly and said “Joe, I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable”. This was something I have heard many times as it is essentially her way of telling me that she needs to shit real bad.

“Finally?”, I asked, still unsure whether she would be able to go just yet. For some reason she had decided that the constipation would not be an issue once she had stopped the medicine.

“Yeah I’ve been off the medicine since last night”, she replied while shifting uncomfortably in her seat, “I think I need to unload”, she purred in her sugar sweet ‘naughty voice’ before leaning forward “oohh that feels good…it feels big”, before slumping back down on the sofa and rubbing her stomach.

I was surprised at how suddenly her urge to go had just come on, but I guess her bowels were finally waking up after over 5 days of being suppressed. I moved so that I was kneeling in front of her and pushed her onto her back a little, “Let’s see what you’ve got going on down here”, I said as I slowly lifted her skirt and peeled her underwear off, exposing her anus and already moistened pussy. She moaned as I started to lick at her sweet slit, occasionally squirming with the rising discomfort in her bowels. I continued, occasionally looking to see her anus twitch as she squirmed and struggled to keep it closed.

“Joe…I don’t want you to stop…but you really should move”, she whimpered after a few minutes, “Joe…I’m serious”.

I moved my head back as she rocked forward and grunted. Her anus opened wide even as she struggled to keep it closed and I saw the head of a very dark and dry looking shit waiting to come out. I prodded it with my finger to find it was ridiculously firm and even dryer than it looked, not a smear was left on my finger. I may as well have poked a brick wall. After much grunting and squirming Hana got her situation back under control and shakily stood up.

“Let me get on your lap”, she said as she reached to pull down my pants and underwear before lowering herself facing me onto my throbbing dick. Her pussy felt unusually tight due to its back wall being pushed in by the contents of her rectum. Rather than ride up and down she ground her pelvis against mine, moaning in pain and pleasure. I started kissing her neck while reaching down and tickling her anus.

“You’re gonna make me shit”, she moaned as she continued grinding away. I felt her anus begin to open wide again and could feel the giant shit inside against my fingers, “It hurts”, she whimpered in my ear, “but it feels so good…and with you fucking me at the same time..”. She squirmed more against me as he anus stretched, essentially the more she needed to shit then the more she ground away at me and the closer she came to coming.

I kept pushing the turd back inside her, allowing her anus to repeatedly be forced open until I felt the inside of her pussy soften and liquid start to run down my dick and over my balls.

“Joe…I…I..can’t…I’m coming”, she screamed as I felt her anus rip open and the turd make a tiny amount of progress out. She continued to scream as she fucked herself silly against me for a good half minute, the shit making no more progress except to hold her anus open.

Eventually she collapsed against my chest, “It won’t…it’s stuck”

“I know”, I said, poking at the cement hard tip, “You are gonna need those suppositories”

She winced and started grinding her pussy around my cock as her anus got forced open again. “I’m not”, she panted, “I can do this”, as she gripped me tightly and grunted with the force of trying to shit. Nothing more was emerging so I pushed the tip back up her hole and felt it close around my fingers.

“I feel so full, I need to go so bad”, she cried, now sweating and quivering, “It hurts but it feels so good”.

I lifted her off me and lay her down on the sofa, “Do you want to see how big it is babe”, she said she did and then pulled her legs back to spread her butt cheeks and pushed hard as I took a photo on my phone of the tip of the iceberg as it were. She still had not managed to clench herself closed when I showed her the picture.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. “oh..my god”, she started, “Joe…get those suppositories”

I returned from the bathroom with the suppositories to find Hana on all fours with about a half inch of unmoving shit holding her anus a good few inches open. Moisture dripped from her gaping pussy. She winced as I pushed the turd back up and slid four of the capsules into her anus between the shit and the rectal wall, not an easy thing to do.

“Now…now what?”, she stammered

“Now you have to wait half an hour”

“Half an hour!, why?”

“Because that’s how long the suppositories take to work”, I said, “Now come here”. I sat down and she sat on my lap with her back to me. We kissed, I fingered her and her anus kept being forced open as she squirmed and screamed to get it under control. After about 25 minutes I felt her hole open wide and about an inch of brick solid shit slowly emerged. I stopped it with my hand and pushed it back up.

“why did you do that!?”

“awwww, was that a bit mean?”

“yes it was…it…nnngghh….its coming…I can’t stop!”, she whimpered as she squirmed and began to shit. I stopped it again.

“JOE!”, she cried.

Still covering her anus with my hand I stood her up, led her over to the kitchen table and bent her over it. She moaned with pleasure as I entered her pussy. It was only a few seconds before her anus got ripped open again and a column of dark, thick and incredibly firm shit stared to emerge. I felt her pussy start to quiver and she started to scream out as she came, forcing the enormous log out.

It took nearly a minute for the whole thing to slowly, excruciatingly, emerge, Hana coming and screaming the whole time.

She slowly stood up and looked down at the shockingly large shit on the floor, “That…that was inside me!”, she said, as though she didn’t quite believe it.

“Yep, and it looked like quite the job to get it out”, I said.

“But now my ass is all…”, she took my hand, “…empty”, she led to to the bedroom, “Let’s see what we can do about that”.

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  1. also came, loved the way she was pushing as you rode her, love to feel the log hot hit my legs aas she let’s go as I’m riding her, or rather she’s riding me

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