Why read what you don’t like

I am amazed by people who read a story about pooping in panties and liking it very much and being turned on by it,then they post a comment saying how nasty it is to do that.If they can see what it is about and don’t like that subject why read the story.

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  1. Debbie….. You know being on the site and, the use of the word nasty, it can be a term of endearment, I think the person after all is coming out ,we all walked in the shadows around playing in such an intimate way.be proud, don’t swear the small stuff….Afterall , they are on this site for a reason, we all know why…? Because it feels wonderful to be seen ,to be heard, and have a platform. …….

  2. There will and always will be people that preach do as I say and not as I do.. The church is full of them.. There will always be the famed critics to try and ruin an otherwise great day. I’ve been going in my pants since the age of nine, I am now fifty three years old and going strong,, just think cigarette packs have warning labels,, do smokers actually read them ?? keep that in mind ,,,,

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