Why me part 2

Joesph woke up with a start. He shook his head knowing it was no night terror. He smirked at Paul’s stupidity as he climbed over the rail of the crib and woddled to his room trying to to make the mess in his pants spill. He grabbed some boxers and changed. If he was completely honest he liked the extra padding between his legs. He didn’t like when it was wet or dirty but he liked the confidence it gave him. He sighed as he went down stairs.

“morning mom. Morning Paul” he said rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
“joe? I didn’t come and get you.”
“I can get out of a stupid crib Paul”
“do you need a change?” he rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“I’m fine.. I’m going to make myself some food”
He knew Paul followed him into the kitchen. He could tell what he was going to ask the dreaded question.
“joe?” god helps me he it comes
“did you sleep well?” Joseph turned around confused but nodded. Paul walked over and Joseph backe away soon suck on the counter as Paul stood before him.
“did you have a hard time putting the pull up on?” joe averted his  eyes.”you do have one on. Right?” he said nothing. Just stood there. He really didn’t want to put them on again. Before he could realize what was happening he was turned around and the waist line of his pants were pulled back to reveal the boxer shorts. His arm was gripped in his step fathers death grip as he was pulled upstairs.
“dad! Stop! I promise I won’t have an accident! Please don’t make me do this!!!” Paul turned around once they were in the young boys room. He stripped his lower half and sat down. Joseph was confused for a moment before he realized. He use to have this done when he was younger. He held his hands behind hi now bare butt and backed up. It was no use he was pulled onto the older mans lap. He squirmed and pled and twisted as Paul’s forceful hands came down in a scolding him. After, he was stood up with a painfully red mark on his butt as Paul grabbed a pull up.
“dad..” he choked on his tears”please don’t..” Paul didn’t want to bother with this child anymore. He slipped it on his stepson carrying him down stairs. Joseph let out a painful yelp as his fathers arms pushed on his freshly abused ass. As the day wore on joe tried his best not to wet. His bladder was so full but he knew one move towards the bathroom his stepfather would tan him good. He crossed and uncrossed his legs holding himself discreetly under the table at dinner. By the time dinner had finished Joseph was painfully holding it. His bladder was so full it was bloated and you could see it above the diaper. One wrong move and he’d lose it.. His sister was blabbing nonstop as his mother pored juice into a dippy cup for her. It was no use he let out a steam and he couldn’t stop it. No matter how much he tried it wouldn’t stop. Filling the pull up his eyes watered in humiliation and relef. One glance at his father and he knew.. Paul stood up taking him upstairs as the boy whimpered in fear.
(sorry to leave you wondering but let me know if I should continue 🙂 love ya stay beautiful <3)

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