Why I Love It

I, like many others who use this site, love poop and pee, and now I’m going to describe exactly what it is that I find so attractive about them.

I love the feeling of having a full bladder and full bowels – the sensation of being desperate to go to the toilet is unmatched by many others. It is a beautiful combination of intense pressure and perhaps even a bit of discomfort, and the thrill of knowing that, at some point, you will be able to let go and feel the relief that floods through your entire body as you get rid of everything that has been building up inside.

I love to relieve myself in different places so that I can enjoy the way that it feels as it happens – I love to stand underneath the shower and empty my bladder and feel the wet warmth of it mixing in with the water as it runs down my legs. I love the feeling of needing to poop and then pushing it out into my underwear, where it is deliciously warm and solid, or perhaps sometimes a bit loose or even runny, against my butt. If I do decide to poop in the toilet – which is not very often – I still love the way that it gently stretches my anus wide open as it makes its way out and then falls with a satisfying plop into the water below it. I know that the anus and surrounding areas are very sensitive, and I can say that mine definitely are; after a nice healthy poop I often feel them tingling a bit, which only adds to the enjoyment of it.

I love the smell that they produce; some people might say that they stink, but I beg to differ. Their smells are very natural, and I enjoy them for that reason. My pee doesn’t usually have much of a smell because I drink a lot of water, but sometimes I can pick up a faint hint of it. My poop always has a distinctive odour to it which could be perceived as unpleasant by others because it is thick and strong. Sometimes it has that typical “rotten cabbage” smell (which usually happens if I eat a lot of vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and so on) and if I eat a lot of meat, my poop tends to be much stinkier than normal. I usually breathe in the smell of my poop whilst I’m letting it out, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it. My body is getting rid of the waste products that it no longer needs, and I’m entitled to enjoy every step of the process.

I love the way that healthy poop and pee look; it’s such a turn-on to see my own bodily functions after I’ve performed them, or to see someone else’s and imagine the relief that it must have brought them. I especially enjoy watching videos that show poop and pee coming out, because I love seeing the different colours and textures that people can make. My favourite video, which is one on this site, depicts a man squatting over a black leather office chair. He starts to push and then stands up a little as his anus opens to let out a thick, firm, golden-coloured poop that falls onto the chair and is quickly followed by another one. I can only imagine how that must have felt for him, and how good it must have smelled (although it may well have been quite pungent because often those big poops have the strongest smell).

Lastly, I love the fact that the toilet is by far not the only place in which to relieve oneself; anywhere and anything can serve as a toilet with a bit of imagination and an open mind (and some air freshener and bleach for afterwards!). I personally have urinated and/or defecated in the following places: in a chamber pot, in a bucket, in the bath (with and without water in it), on the carpet, in the sink, in a glass, on a chair, in bed, in my underwear, in a swimming pool, on the floor, on the beach, in a car, and in the shower. I love the thrill of going somewhere unconventional; I always have and always will.

I love my bodily functions and I’m proud of them!

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  1. The best is the feeling when it comes out solid for a few inches then gets soft and while your anus is stretching you have a hard on that wont go down till you release the pressure. When you poop in a diaper while your out shopping in the mall and people can smell it but don’t know where the smell is coming from and you walk around with a big smirk on your face. I love wearing tight jeans and no underwear and just let a good shit loose on the bus or train, and people are looking around looking at each other with noses pinched, believe me it is way awesome !! keep it up blue !!! wanna hear some good stories !!!

  2. I totally agree, it’s the best feeling in the world when you make it to the toilet just in time and your arse just erupts.

  3. I so agree with what you say as to watching the poop coming out and then examining it afterwards to see the texture, colour etc.
    That is one of the reasons i like scat vids. To be able to see in close up the log that a woman has pushed out.

  4. I love the feeling of being full and knowing soon I would be able to let go and release… I love the feeling of it coming out, the stretching of the anus and that amazing feeling of the mass going through me, feeling really uncomfortable for a few seconds, but so satisfying as it exits my body. I feel this hunger for more and more stimulation as my anus stretches and relaxes in very pleasurable waves. I love the smell, because it is the smell of relief, and I love hearing the plops… It is extremely arousing and satisfying to hear the rhythmic plops.

  5. I am so glad I came across you and this site. I can finally feel “normal” and at ease about shitting and pissing myself. It is wonderful to know that so many others like yourself love the feel of shit coming out of their assholes and especially when you fill your pants with it. The feeling is so indescribable. Loved your description.

  6. You sound a lot like the “rock chick” girl from joyangels… I bet there’s nowhere she hasn’t pooped lol

  7. I totally agree! I love the feeling and anticipation of peeing and filling my underpants with my warmness as it unloads between my underpants and my ass. Love that feeling and leaving it in for a long time while it smells so good. However, finding anyone even close to me in piss and poop is very difficult. Would love to find a friend so we could both wet and poop in our underpants together.

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