Whoopsie poopsie

Fiction story for a friend.
Joe got out of bed yawning and feeling cold.It was 5am and he had to rush to get to work on time at the bus depot.He was due to start his bus route in 30 minutes and it was a 15 minute drive to get there,so he grabbed a couple of nutrition bars to eat as he drove and quickly showered and dressed,peeing in the shower but not having time to poop this morning.He jumped into his old Mustang and got to the depot with just a few minutes to spare as he parked and ran inside to clock on for his shift.He made it,clocking on with one minute to spare.A quick check of his bus and then he drove it out onto the streets that were still dark and quiet as the 38 route bus slowly made it way to collect the morning workers that would be waiting for it.

First stop was right by a pharmacy and nobody was waiting but Joe had to wait there for a minute to keep on schedule so he rushed into the pharmacy to grab some candy to keep him going through his shift.Getting back in the driving seat he moved off toward the next stop,stuffing a couple of candies in his mouth and enjoying the nice sweet flavors.Soon his bus was filling up and his heater was warming him up so he felt less chilled than before.He settled down to the routine and drove carefully through the traffic that was now joining him in the busier streets.He kept popping candies in his mouth and as the day got light and the sun appeared he was loving the rich flavors of his candy and thinking he should get that every day.He reached the far end of his route and had a 15 minute wait before he drove the return route,so he took advantage of that and got a large hot coffee from the stall by the market and a roll with cold meat to stop his hunger pains.He ate fast and enjoyed the hot coffee and finished both just in time to start driving back to the depot.

Joe felt his tummy grumbling a bit as he started driving but thought nothing of it as he had been starving and just eaten a roll and the coffee had wakened him up so he felt normal now.He felt in his pocket for a candy and found it was the last one in the packet so he sucked it slow and decided to get some more when he got to that pharmacy again.He got the wrapper out of his pocket to put in his trash bin and noticed that it said “Sugar Free”,so he thought that was a good candy to get so he would not get too fat as he was trying to diet.Now traffic was getting heavier and his progress slower and now he was feeling some cramps in his tummy and a feeling that he would need to use the toilet when he got back to the depot as it was getting pretty urgent that he poop soon.He felt that his toilet break was a long way off as he began to clench his cheeks,feeling his bowels prompting him to get there faster.He could not go faster than his schedule allowed but he kept up to time as best he could,fighting the urge to fart and release the pressure as he felt that if he farted it might have lumps in it as well as gas.

Only a couple of miles now to the depot and he was hopeful that he could hold it long enough;all was looking good.Suddenly up ahead some idiot taxi driver changed lanes without telling anyone and got hit by an 18 wheeler,bringing traffic to a stop and blocking the street.Both drivers got out and discussed the situation in a less than civilized way but police were soon on the scene.Joe’s feeling of urgency was getting more urgent by the second but there was no where to go,the bus just had to wait for the road to clear and there were no fast food places in sight where he could rush in to use their toilet so he just had to sit tight and hope he could get clear soon.His passengers decided that walking was faster than waiting,so they got off and he was left along to wait.Joe felt the pressure building up inside him and the cramps got stronger.He tried to hold on but just had to fart to get rid of some gas and feel easier so he leaned to one side and tried to let some gas out and he blew a real trumpet sound but felt easier now.There was more there again so he eased up and let one more toot come out but at the end of the toot he felt a warm damp feeling and as he sat down again he felt the warm feeling spread in his shorts and knew that the last fart did have lumps.

Joe got up and changed the destination panel to “out of service” and sat down again after putting a discarded newspaper under his butt to protect his seat. He decided that his shorts were now dirty so if he had to fart again he might as well just go for it and not have the cramps.A few minutes later he felt that a fart was needed so he just let it come but to his surprise this time all of it was soft and warm and it just kept coming and coming and coming.Thank goodness the bus was empty,and now his bowels were empty too and now his shorts and pants were full of poop that he just had to sit on so he could drive the bus.As he sat he felt warm soft poop spreading all over his butt and even covering his balls as he moved in his seat.That felt so good he thought as he tried to remember last time he pooped his pants as a kid.The warm mess did feel good and he had to resist the urge to grab his cock and masturbate in that lovely mess as too many people could see him.Well,eventually he was able to drive back to the depot where he called in sick and went home in his Mustang enjoying every bump in the road as it made him move in his seat and it felt great.He drove into his garage and closed the door then just sat there stroking his cock and beating until he exploded shooting cum all inside his shorts.Joe decided that he would save sugar free candy for his days off and not for work days as it made him poop so nicely.

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  1. I really love this story, it is well written. I am a bus driver myself I could truly relate to the drivers desperation as I have been in this situation many times except I have never pooped myself. I have heard stories of drivers crapping their pants though, usually because they are ill.

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