who Did It ( Fiction)

Oh my I am just waking up and my bed is absolutely soaked now who did that. I will look to see if I can find that person not in the kitchen not in the living room not in the bathroom oh who could have done that to my bed. Well better hurry and cleanup and dress for work. On the way to work better grab a cup of coffee, which size should I get I guess a super large. Here I am busy at my desk working away and darn if my pants aren’t soaked clear to my knees.
Darn I wonder who did that well I will look for that person; not in my cubicle is he or the lunch room back to work but whoever did that must be near my chair since there is a big puddle under it. Time to go home and my pants are still very damp well I better hurry to catch the train. Ah caught the train on time but I feel something big and squishy in the back of my pants now who put that load in their. Whoever did put that big load in my pants must be nearby since the person sitting in the seat behind me is complaining that it stinks to high heaven on the train. Home at last time for dinner then cleanup for bed. Oh is it already morning and my bed is soked again and my pajamas to I am going to catch that scoundrel this morning,.not in the kitchen nor the dining room maybe the bathroom.Hey I see you you scoundrel I can see you in the mirror your pajamas are all wet caught you now.

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