Whisper Adventures

This is a short story about my night (or, well, my early morning)

I recently downloaded the Whisper app, and I’ve found that it’s quite the source of entertainment. I hadn’t anticipated the dirty sorts of fun that came from it, and while I had gotten used to the random spamming of dick pics, I hadn’t expected guys to be so open with the kinky things they wanted to do to girls.

So many of them wanted to piss and cum on girls faces and in their mouths, and now I can’t help but think about how badly I want to do it. I’ve always loved the feeling of a good piss (and even holding it in until I can’t anymore and wetting my leggings or shorts) but never been able to share it with a partner. So getting to read these guys talk about throat-fucking me and pissing in my mouth or pussy… well…. it got me very, very turned on.

I am also a little bit of an exhibitionist. I went to my balcony and sat with my legs wide open, pissing a huge stream of what I had been holding all night and touching myself while I read the dirty things these guys wanted to do to me…

I’m done playing for now, since the sun has started coming up and I should probably get some rest… but I’m still horny. 

It’s a hard life.

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  1. It concerns me that guys associate aggression with sexual gratification – this does not need encouragement – sensual physical interaction is a lot more satisfying due to the slow and steady build up of tension culminating in explosive release. This is the enjoyable part of your delaying bladder voiding, and should be taught to guys. I would keep agressive fantasies firmly in the mind, and discourage acting out in reality.

  2. What’s fun for you may not be for everyone (or vice versa), and as long as everything’s consensual it’s hardly your- or anyone’s- place to judge what someone is into. Look where we are, after all.

    Great story though! Maybe I’ll download the app and see who I can find. We might even cross paths, who knows?

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