while at work

So this just happened awhile ago. I was busy working on my computer when a workmate who’s assigned from the other room used our workroom’s toilet. He seemed to be relaxed and not so desperate so I thought he was just gonna take a leak just like the usual thing he does.I waited for him to finish because I felt like farting and It seems to sound and smell bad.He’s a couple of years older than me I guess in his early 30’s. Now as I was busy working, I didn’t really notice he had not come out for a matter of seconds, the usual amount of time he (or even I) takes a piss in the toilet. Our comfort room isn’t that big to consist of a urinal so we take a shit and piss on that particular toilet. As soon as he got out, just then I realized he was there for so long so I concluded he might have taken a shit inside, In my own guess he was there for almost a minute or so. I waited for him to leave the room because he checked something on the server. I had been holding my fart so bad that I kept on squirming on my seat but the gas inside my intestine seems the appear and disappear. I rushed inside only to smell the “leftovers” it was all around the small comfort room but the toilet was already clean. It smelled like he did pooped. I sat down the toilet and farted my guts out, I was right It came out with a loud sound and a bad smell too. Good thing my co-worker was on a headphone so he doesn’t have to hear it. I stayed for another few seconds to savor the smell then touched my dick and wanked so hard and a little cum squirted out. I quickly left the comfort room and went back to work, my co-worker doesn’t seem to care though.

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  1. Let me know when you’re through in there … so I can come smell your leftovers !! 😉

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