Which first?

On a camping holiday this summer, like most women using the site I made my before breakfast trip to the toilet block. The arrangements of the cubicles allowed me to hear clearly what was happening elsewhere. Now I usually pee before I poo, unless it is a matter of extreme urgency, but this order of things seems to be anything but universal. By listening carefully I estimated at least 25 percent of women using the toilets in the morning for both functions actually dropped their first turd (at least )before their pee stream started. My question is, which do you do first? Perhaps people have observations of their own…..

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  1. If I’m really desperate to shit then my poop will come first. Other than that I usually always pee first

  2. I often piss a bit then shit, then piss more after the first turd emerges and I relax the pushing to let the shit go.

    I have seen many female panties pooping and open shitting videos all over the net — because I enjoy them. I wonder if women are “wired” differently than men though. (I’m gay, so have no sexual experience with a female.)

    I have observed that when the women in the videos strain to push out a log, their vaginas seem to open up along with their assholes. I don’t know if this makes them pee, if it’s involuntary, or they are doing it for added enjoyment. But in many of these videos, once a woman starts to shit, she also releases a lot of pee.

    Guy shit videos don’t show the same, usually. Most I’ve seen, the guy shits a big one, but often doesn’t pee at all.

    Since I like to shit my pants and piss them, my goal is to do both at the same time. I rarely can make this happen.

    I remember as a kid, piss and poo went hand in hand and I was always worried about shitting my pants because I thought it would cause me to piss a gallon and of course, I would get caught. So I may have a subconscious block to piss and poop at the same time because of childhood fears.

  3. If im desp poo will fly out and poss piss at the same time. Otherwise piss first

  4. I’m very odd in this matter. I’ll usually pee, flush, then poo. Don’t know why. I hate sitting on a toilet with yellow water even if it’s my own. So I suppose to answer your question, if I have to do both, I’ll pee first then poo.

  5. Generally, and most often, I pee first then poo. If I’m really desperate sometimes I’ll poo first and sometimes they just both come out at roughly the same time but most often pee first

  6. I think for me it depends on proportion.
    Desparate to pee, that goes first.
    Desparate to poop, out it comes.
    Sometime both happen at the same time.

    The latter is best when I’m not sitting on the loo and playing instead.
    Living in a shared house means I don’t often get to play though 🙁

  7. It depends on the type of poop. If I am constipated, pee (and farts) come out first. Otherwise some poop comes out, then pee and finally more poop.
    But I do not pee every time I poop. In fact, I think less of the times I poop I pee too.

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