When we got home

So I spent the day today hanging out with several friends. We laughed, played games, the usual. We met up at a different friend’s house, but one of my friends came over to my place and dropped some stuff off. After we were done out and about, my friend came back to get his stuff. He had to pee, and I showed him the bathroom. I took the opportunity and ran upstairs to get a diaper. I quickly undressed, taped myself in, and redressed. The diaper was unable to be seen, but most likely able to be heard. I thought of how I was being such a naughty boy and I thought, why not, might as well wet myself. This is the most Ive ever done with people nearby, and my heart was racing. I walked, or I guess, waddled out. My friend was waiting for me downstairs. We chatted for a good half hour and I showed him out. After that I took a deep breath, unable to believe I wasnt caught. I decided to celebrate by messing myself and finishing off with a hard fap. It was the single greatest diaper experience of my life~! I cant wait to try more 😀

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  1. makes you wonder if maybe he did in fact notice! Yes its so much fun doing it in front of others especisally if you dont know if they noticed! you are indeed naughty! I love it!

  2. I have worn a diaper out to bars (gay) and even under my pants many do notice, some say something, most do not, so I am sure your guy did.

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