When I was young I

Ok so I was 7 and I had a dream that last night that I had pooped my underwear. That next day my parents left for (reasons unknown) and I was left with a baby sitter. I was summer break so I didn’t have school. My babysitter was fun but she did something wrong… She drank out of my mom’s cup. I knew I had to get her back so one night I put my toy story diaper on. Pooped my diaper and went to where she was sleeping. And I sat on her face with my pooped diaper. She was a deep sleeper and somehow didn’t wake up. So I had farted on her face and she still didn’t wake up. (I was like 3″11 at the time) My stomach started rumbling and I had pooped my diaper on her face. (It felt so good doing it!) I went back to sleep with my dirty diaper and in the morning she FLIPPED out!

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