What’s your ultimate fantasy?

So the forum section keeps giving me 404 error so I thought I’d post this here. What is the hottest scenario you can possibly think of to get yourself off involving this fetish? I’m curious.

For me I would love to be babysat by two gorgeous bbw lesbians who would force me into a diaper. From there they would tease and humiliate me for being such a big baby and a loser(I have a thing for humiliation).

They would continue to make out and grope each other while also farting and making fun of me.
Eventually I would inevitably lose it and dump a hot fresh load of poopy in my diaper. This of course would make them humiliate me even more for being a little baby who still poops his pants. and i would sit there and squish around in my stinky mess. Soon piss would flow out and further load my diaper, making it soggy and warm.

Eventually they would grow tired of me, and command me to rub my dick in front of them until i erupted out a geyser of hot sticky cum all over my diaper. It would be sooooo hot, for me at least.

What are some of your most dirty fantasies? Feel free to share as many naughty details as you would like to include 😉

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  1. I sometimes wonder if creating a fantasy in your mind puts things in motion for the real thing to happen.

    The first experience that made me wonderwas when a girl at school gave me her panties. I had head she was quite dirty and wore the same panties over and over and that fascinated me. I fantasied about what she looked like under her panties and what her panties looked like and smelt if the rumors were true. One day when she got to the bus stop after school she stood in front of me, scrunched her skirt up and gave me her panties. As she handed them to me she looked into my eyes and said “here now you don’t have to imagine. now give me your undies before the others get here”. I had never said a word to anyone so wondered how she could have known.

    Another was a friends older sister used to make fun of me for pooping in my underwear. For some reason I liked it when she did and fantasied about her doing things to me but never though anything would happen until the day we were at the farm her parents had just bought. A while after I had done it in my underwear she sat beside me and put her hand in my pants but on the outside of my underwear. She then proceeded to work the poop all over the front and back of my underwear and didn’t stop until they were covered. It felt so amazing I didn’t care how much of a mess she was making until she stopped and said “we are going to my cousins house after this and by the way I took your spare clothes out of your backpack” My plan was to change my pants and underwear before we left but she destroyed any chance of that.

  2. That’s so awesome! What an amazingly naughty experience that must’ve been. Idk if I’d have the balls to act out on my fantasy tho lol

  3. Hi Soggybrownpoop,

    Yeah they were. Seeing what she looked like under her panties was amazing and her panties smelt even better than I thought they would. The rumors about her were definitely true but unlike other people at school I found her completely fascinated and she somehow knew. That day when I gave her my underwear she immediately smelt them, and it was obvious she liked them. A few days later she asked me if I liked her panties and when I eagerly said yes, she told me if I wanted another I was going to have to wear my underwear until she said.

    My fixation and fantasy’s with girl’s panties had started a few years before when a girl fell on me while I was laying on the grass at the school playground. When she fell she landed with her legs apart and her crotch on my face and just sat there crying because she had hurt her knees. The moment she landed on me the most amazing aroma I had ever smelt filled my nostrils. It was the most amazing scent I had ever experience, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. All my friends thought it must have been horrible, but it wasn’t.

    When my friend’s sister first said we were going to their cousins and she had taken my spare clothes I was horrified but somehow excited at the same time. Amazingly no one, apart from her knew until the afternoon when we got in their car and their mom asked if someone had an accident in their pants. It didn’t take her long to work out who it was and although it was embarrassing it was also very exciting. When we got to their cousin my friends sister offered to take me in the bathroom and pretended to be disgusted at what I had done but the moment she shut and locked the door it was obvious she wasn’t at all.

  4. My fantasy is to somehow miniaturize myself to the point that my whole body was the size of a normal erect human penis. Then I would crawl up the skirt of one certain co-worker and then crawl inside her panties. I would then use her panty crotch as a trampoline. Do I go in head first or feet first? I think I’ll alternate, just for a little ‘variety’. When I’m all spent then I will crawl into her butt crack (my permanent home) and fall fast asleep. Some time later I will be awakened by her hot moist farts (she eats a lot of hot spicy foods). Then the whole process will start all over again. What about feeding me? Well when she farts she will blow out an occasional undigested covering of a corn kernel. What about me going to the bathroom? Since I’m now so tiny, my turd should have no trouble just blending in with the big brown skid marks in the back of her panties. What about when she goes to the toilet? Well I just wrap my arms around her panty crotch and hang on for dear life so that I don’t fall into the toilet and accidentally get flushed down.

  5. My fantasy is purely a male thing. I would love to be allowed to put my hand down the front of a man’s pants and reach down to his anus and massage that area to encourage him to poop a little bit. Then I would smear his poop over his balls and massage them and his penis until he cums in his pants.

  6. My ultimate fantasy, ah, this question most certainly required me to give it some time to think about as scenarios involving a woman I’m with pooping her pants, shorts, or panties can occur in a variety of ways. Often times it may depend on what I’m actually in the mood for.

    One particular fantasy I have, that I guess I can say is my ultimate fantasy involving this fetish, is to be with a thick or chubby girl that’s wearing something such as a schoolgirl outfit or perhaps some leggings with a crop top and boots In such a scenario, the woman I’m with would have a pants or panty pooping accident in a public place, she would remain in her soiled bottoms which includes sitting in her own mess until we get home. In which case, by then I would put her over my lap and giver her a spanking for being a naughty girl. After giving her a spanking, we engage in intense sexual intercourse while she’s still in her soiled bottoms where I only move her panties to the side or her leggings down just enough for me to get access. It would be some really good messy sex. I only hope someday to find a woman who is into this fetish as I am and would be willing to play out a scenario such as this one and others involving this fetish.

  7. I would like to be in a situation with a mature, thick, chubby, big-assed woman where we are well-dressed and both ultimately forced to poop our pants (stuck in traffic, or perhaps barely making it to a hotel room, etc…more to follow…

  8. First fantasy. We spend the entire day (from getting up in the morning) wetting our pants while wearing identical or very similar underwear. After wetting and enjoying hanging out in wet pants, we go to change each other. Once down to just our undies, we get sidetracked into humping, grinding, frotting in our underpants. Eventually, we get each other dressed in dry pants and similar undies to start over again next time we have to go potty. I have several kinds of underwear for us to share in this. We can use diapers too.

    Second fantasy. We spend time walking the trails of the preserve areas with changes of clothes in backpacks. As we walk the secluded trails, we are gradually wetting our pants. Eventually, we find a hidden spot off the trails to change each other into dry pants and continue our hike. Each time we get really wet, we need to be changed outside. A great way to have fun wetting while enjoying the nature preserves.

    I fine with pants messing too if you are. I would really love the changing and cleaning as much as the wetting (and messing.)

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