What’s your reason for wetting?

Anyone else feel like they love wetting because it makes no sense to go pee anywhere other than where you are at that moment? Why pause anything you’re doing just to go and do what you COULD do right there – in your pants, in your bed, in your car – just go, am I right!?

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  1. I love to pee my pants in my garden in summer and let the sun dry it ready for next time I need to pee when I do it again.Don’t just stop at peeing pants,why not really get naughty and poop them.It really feels amazing when you fill your pants with a soft warm poop that spreads as you walk.

  2. I think you’re totally right. Nature would want us to pee just when we feel the need, despite of the place. If I was brave enough I would play a game called: “what could happen if I pee (or poop) my pants right now?” Everytime I have this thought I must put it into practise and see what happen 😛

  3. Just stands to reason, peeing or pooping in a diaper is just plain fun, even aside from the sexual aspect of it. Peeing or pooping in a toilet is just a mundane chore like brushing teeth or combing hair, whereas doing it in a diaper is so much fun, gotta love it!

  4. I love to pee and poop my skintight jeans just for fun and, first of all, because for me it’s a tremendous sexual arousement !!

  5. Sexual arousement – and the feeling to something perverted I am not supposed to do. And enjoyment.

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