What to do at 2 am??

Well, I left a friends house at about 2am. I really needed to pee but thought I would just go when I got home. It was a good 30mins or so across the city to get back home and it was deadly quiet in town.

I got about half way home and realised I needed to pee pretty bad, not desperate, but bad enough to have to do some hard squeezing to keep it in. And then I started to think… It really is very quiet out tonight…

so.. i decided to walk a little slower (I walk super fast normally) so that I could relax certain things a bit more. I felt a little spurt and knew it was going to be a risky and fun walk home 🙂

I was about 10 mins from home and decided to stop and let it go for a bit. A bit more than i expected came out making quite a noticeable wet line down the leg of my jeans. So I carried on walking, even past a few people, back towards my house.

Once, I turned off the main road and onto the estate, there was nothing really left to do, with only a couple mine left. So I let it all go. It streamed out soaking my jeans and running on the pavement. It was a cold night so it felt great!

As I got to my front  and i was rummaging for my keys i felt that something else needed to come out. It took me a little by surprise, but while i “had trouble” with the key I decided not to fight it and let a good hunk of poo come and and fill my boxers. Then a car went past… lol not sure how much they could see but I didn’t care 🙂

Then I had to creep quietly into my little house, get chnaged and put it all in the washing machine wihtout waking my housemates up.

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