What the heck is going on????

I can’t watch any of the all male videos. WHY???? What’s going on here. Does anyone have any info. on what’s happening here? It’s an awesome site, but it seems to just be breaking down. What do us members have to do? Do we pay more money or what?? Someone help me understand what’s happening. I want/need to see vids of guys taking shits(no matter where), their entire ass, asshole, wiping, everything, I used to get that here, but NOW I CAN’T watch the vids of this all. WHY?????? HELP.

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  1. Did you look in scat and other? Anyway, there is a competing site called My Brown Hanky. It costs some money to joing, but they have a LOT of viddeos. They are a gay site but can get quite extreme in the scat. However, they have pants pooping and pissing videos, and some of the scat shows all you are asking for, and some show stuff you never dreamed possible! They have working forums and chat, and are more secure than PPL. Only members have access to anything. Unfortunately, unless you log on off-peak hours, their video player stalls… worse than Youtube does. But they are working on a new player engine.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve tried everything to get the vids to play. I just don’t get it. Thank You for your suggestion.
    Question: Does the service “My Brown Hanky” show vids of guys taking a shit outright or just in their pants? Like I mentioned in my comment, the turn on for me is to be able to watch a guy actually grunting out a shit, coming directly out of their poopee hole, them wiping, pissing, cuming, etc.
    Again, Thank You.

  3. Geo — My Brown Hanky does have videos of guys taking a dump, in the toilet or on the floor, or on another guy, etc. It also has some extreme scat content, smearing, eating and a lot of people calling each other pigs. But they also have filters so if there is something you do NOT want to see, you set your account to filter it. The important thing about My Brown Hanky is that it is very secure (much more than here) and although it has some problems, most of the time is works, and it is pretty active. They also have a working chat room, and a forum section, It is a gay mens site, so you won’t see any female content there.

  4. Thanks for the info. I definitely want to check out My Brown Hanky as it sounds like fun to be on. Other than the “extreme” scat content it sounds like it’s for me. I’ll just filter out what I don’t want as you suggest. Again, Thanks.

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