What is Panty Pooping?

What is Panty Pooping?

Panty pooping is getting on a fresh, clean pair of panties that complement your ass, knowing that soon, they will be very dirty. Panty pooping is having a three course Italian feast right before you crap to change the consistency of the hot, creamy fudge that will be coming out of your ass. Panty Pooping is pushing globs of poo out of your ass, feeling naughty and excited at the same time.
You do it because ever since you were young, you’ve had a fascination with shit. You do it because there’s nothing more rewarding than soft poo spreading over your bum. You do it to quiet the voice that’s always lustfully begging you to open your ass and let all that steamy crap out.
It’s wrong. You know it’s wrong.
You tell yourself this as you get on a clean pair, and go into the bathroom.
It’s wrong.
Your anus opens.
It’s wrong.
Something soft and smooth moves through and plops into your panties.
It’s naughty.
But panty pooping feels so good.

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