What happens afterwards?

I have something that has been bugging me for years. I wonder what are the panties fate. I would like to know how many are thrown away, how many are to be used again for only shitting into, how many are sold, how many are worn over again.

I LOVE to see them being filled and then smeared. I also love to see full slips and scarves. I also love to see dresses involved. Very hard to find pics of dresses and slips and night gowns being used.

I wish I could find ladies that would do custom shoots and then sell the nicely used items, at a fair price.

One Lady I seen online pics of years ago, had a white dress and I have not been able to find out who she is and where she is. I want to ask her if she does custom orders. I also want to find where more pics in that shoot, might be posted, like before during and after, the few pics I was able to find.

This Beautiful Lady has me so interested and hope someone might know her,, and tell me the big answer.

Tina Louise

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  1. Well I don’t know about panties but I will tell you I had swim trunks that I’ve used for over 7 years daily for shitting, peeing, & masturbating. I usually wore this into the lake for clean-up but not always. After they got cleaned up either in the lake or at home under the faucet or shower, I put them on and wear them. Although they are a little damp, they dry out in about an hour or so. They were on my ass 24/7 because I wanted to be ready. Sometimes the attacks come when I’d least expect it. Finally, and unfortunately, Those nice soft lined peter friendly trunks wore out. I looked hi and lo to find a similar pair even going back to the store I bought them at but all he had was “junk”. I got a similar pair (brief style) and they see action just about daily. I’ve had these now for over 3 years but they developed a small tear on the ass side because I sat in my full of shit trunks on the bottom of the lake and slid across the mud to help feel the shit oozing at my ass. There must have been a stone or something sharp that snagged my bottom . I will sew it up maybe this week. But to answer your question, these will last probably 10 to 20 times longer than underwear, fragile panties, or bikini bottoms. I also like the tight fit around by ass so when I shit them, the shit curls right around the ass and shoots down around my balls and dick as they fill up. Very seldom do they ever “overflow”.

  2. Fantastic. A garment that has been used for pleasure, maybe hundreds or Thousands? of times. Do you still have them? After all that good service, did you put it in your pillow case?

    I had some like that, that were soft, yet strong. Not sure where they are, since I moved. Some schools got them for swim teams. You might check with a hihh school store. Maybe they are still available.

  3. Hi Tina,
    Wish I was near you but I’m in Florida – Cocoa Beach. If you ever get to this area, drop me a line so we can “hook-up”. I’m 66 yrs young and enjoy filling & masturbating in my trunks on a regular basis. I’d like to find a nice female to join me in my adventures as we fuck and shit our swim apparel together! I’d love to be fucking pussy as I shit my trunks, with her on top of me. . Then when I finish, I’d like to piss up her pussy, and have all the nice warm pee run out of her and run down over my dick and balls. Then she can pee and I’ll get all her warm pee all over me too! I could lay there for hours enjoying the aftermath!!!

  4. Hi again Tina,
    I think you are right because I shit and masturbated in them for the 7 years I had them at the local lake. I know they saw action in them about 3 or 4 times a week and only missed about 2 months that the water was too cold to enjoy but then I did it at home probably once or twice a week. I liked the nice smooth comfort liner in front to rub my dick on. It was very soft and made me cum fast. At that time , I only wore those trunks when I went to shit & masturbate at the lake. Other than that, unless I was shitting at home, or in my bed, they weren’t on. Let’s do the figuring:
    3 times per week X 40 weeks = 120 lake poops/masturbations and 25 from home both poop and masturbating = 145 per year (average) X over 7 years = over 1000 times in those swim trunks. before I retired them. I should have framed them! Interesting that I’ve been shitting and masturbating in my pants, underwear, and swim trunks for over 50 years.
    I have increased the times upward after I got away from home and went on my own. I’ll bet I’ve shit, masturbated, and pissed my pants over the years well over 5000 times. Mostly I’ve shit my pants but I also try to masturbate after each pants poop. I’m not into peeing alone but will do it when pants pooping. You probably see that I love to poop my trunks and masturbate in them every chance I get. It makes me feel soooooo good!!!
    I now wear SLAZENGER and KAPART (BEACH 11) swim trunks. I wear these 24/7 and they are always on me and ready for “action”. They also have a very nice soft liner next to my dick to make masturbation easy. I had a pr. of trunks once with a liner so coarse it actually hurt my dick when I jacked off. I don’t miss them at all. Think I put a full load of shit in them
    and sunk them in 10 or so feet in the ocean.
    I’ve had the Kapart Trunks about 3 years now – shitting and masturbating in them about daily. I wear them to bed as well in case I want to shit in them or masturbate or both. So far they have held up very well for me and I recommend them for this activity. I usually get no leakage unless I poop them over full. Does not happen often but does happen and poop comes out the legs and wasteband. Also, there very seldom is any brownout on the ass of my trunks even though they are full. A wet shit has bled thru however but I don’t shit wet very often. When I have shit in them, I don’t piss my pants if other people are around. The pee wets down the poop and may cause brownout at the ass of my trunks. I’ve had a trunk full of shit and have been talking to other people in a group and not one person suspected I shit my pants. Many times my poop doesn’t smell but sometimes when it does – I avoid people. I’ve even turned around with my ass faceing toward them and nobody realized I had shit in my trunks. They are super tight across my ass and when I poop, it wraps right around my trunks totally filling all areas. Makes me feel real good!

  5. I guess this is too much for most here, as no one else has commented on this thread. Many years ago, I think around 86-88, I seen an story titled “Aw Shit” I think it was in Hustler or penthouse. It was so good. One lady shit in her panties and would go in elevators and the other women would all check their kids butts, and realize it was not their child and then look at her and realize it was her.. Wish I could have seen the looks on their faces,
    Wish I could meet someone that has all the issues who could look thru them and make me a copy of it.
    Around then or a year or two later, I seen ads in sex magazines for “Panties made for 2”. They had 4 legs. I have not seen ads for them for many years Lately I have thought of them a lot, for PPL people. Just imagine being butt to butt in them and then both do what feels good. A completely new way to enjoy each other. I think it would be so fantastic.
    Also I see GOOD material to make them from. Look at the auto salvage (junk yards), for the used “Air Bags”. Some are smooth on one side and coarser on the other side. It is waterproof (well most are). It is the strongest material I have ever found. It would be great to make the panties made for 2 from. With this material they should last for many years.

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