what do you do when your toilet is clogged?!?!

It was beautiful Sunday night and I had just finished an incredable cup of coffee. ¬†After about a good 20 minutes, the coffee was kicking in and Nature was calling my name. I had went in to use the toilet when I had looked down and noticed that it was clogged with toilet paper. My family was out and I was the only one home. I really needed to take a massive movement. My first thought was to ask if I could use the neighbors restroom but it didn’t look like anyone was home. I then tried to unclog the toilet with a plunger but nothing was going down. I was clenching my cheecks together as hard as I could but the urge was just getting stronger. I did the only thing that I felt I could do. I went and grabbed an older pair of Jockey shorts and went in to the bathroom. I took off all of my clothes and put the pair of old Jockeys on. I got into a squatting position and pulled apart my cheeks so that everything would go into the underpants. One hearty push and everything came rushing out into the old Jockeys! I had forgot to mention that I was standing in the bathtub during all this. I really didn’t want to do any of this! I just wanted to go to the restroom in the regular way. Even though I do enjoy a good pants pooping session, I really was not up for this at all. I ever so gently slipped off the loaded briefs and put them in a double trash bag and threw them away. After that I took a really warm shower and scrubbed out the tub thoroughly! The plumber came out and fixed the toilet with no further problems.

So there you have it folks!! That was my Sunday night saga!
God bless that old pair of Jockey shorts!!! They really went above and beyond the call of doody! ;-P

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  1. You need a toilet plunger with the insides turned out. The flat plunger only works for sinks or tubs When I shit my pants while standing, it forms a ball, not a log, easily clogging the toilet.

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