What do girls wanna see when a guy poops his pants?

Trying to use a different approach to hopefully maybe get some more female viewers/fans. I wanted to start a forum but I’m not really sure how. I know there are girls out there that like to see guys shit their pants or diaper or whatever. Might not be many but the few that do exist, I wanna know what they enjoy most about it. What type of poop? Soft and runny? Gassy? Solid? Do girls like it when guys wear girls panties? Do they prefer guys underwear or diapers? Do they wanna see him swear it and masturbate? Any information, insight, or opinions would be awesome. Because I’d like to try different things, maybe start doing videos again, and enjoy myself a little more knowing that I’m doing things women like to see.

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  1. Well I’m not female but I think I can help you out. You can’t generalize and assume all girls are into the same thing when it comes to a fetish, just like most guys aren’t. I personally like watching male and occasionally female pants pooping and mild scat, but anything extreme like smearing all over the body/face and eating is a major turn off for me. I prefer solid poops, anything too liquidy isn’t appealing to me. Also while I do like watching videos of this fetish I can’t really see myself participating an any physical play or sex with it, with either men or women (I identify as bi). So in IRL relationships I don’t think I would ever bring it up.

    But that’s just me, and again I’m not a girl. But it gives you an idea of how diverse people’s interests are. My advice is maybe personally message females on this site who you are already friends with or who’s videos you enjoy, and ask them what they like. Make a few different videos catering to different people’s preferences and gauge the reaction. Also try different websites of course, this site clearly has a larger proportion of guys compared to girls so you’d have a harder time finding them on here. Not sure if I can post links but one site I also use is “thisvid”, I think it has a larger user base overall since it doesn’t just cater to a specific fetish niche and you might find more interested girls there. Good luck!

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