What a nice surprise!

Last Saturday morning, I woke up next to my partner. We have been together 5 yrs and I know he does not like wetting. He has done it for me a few times, but he has made it clear he does not like it. So, sometimes I joke with him about it and sometimes when he says he needs to pee, I’ll say go in your pants. But I know he doesn’t like it and I don’t really expect him to pee his pants. So, Saturday morning, as we lay in bed together holding each other, I said half jokingly, “Why don’t you go in the bathroom and pee in your underwear and then we can have shower sex.” He did not say anything and I did not expect any response. I know he thinks it is disgusting. A few minutes later I got up and went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. we were planning to meet up with a friend and go to the flea market.

As I stood there brushing my teeth, my partner walked in. I expected him to go to the toilet and relieve himself. To my great surprise, he stepped into the bathtub and stood there in his underwear. I could see him in the mirror. I could not believe my eyes. I know he is very pee shy and cannot start if I am in the room. He said, “Don’t look at me.” I said, “I am going in the other room. Yell when you are ready for me to come back in.” I quickly left the room. I was so excited I was shaking. Knowing what was about to happen got me all fired up.

I went back in the bedroom and made the bed. I listened for the sound of liquid hitting the floor of the bathtub. Suddenly, he called out, “Get in here quick! Hurry up!” I got back in there as quickly as I could. There he stood with his legs spread and as soon as I stepped in to the bathroom, he started pissing in his underwear!  It was his first morning piss and he had a full bladder. I stood there watching and getting hornier by the minute. His underwear got drenched. He kept pissing. It was one of the best things he has ever done for me.

After a very long piss, he finally stopped and I got in the tub with him. I was already naked and rock hard. I asked him if I could feel his wet underwear. He said, “You can do anything you want.” I could tell by the look on his face that he did not like the feel of wet underwear. I put my hand in his wet crotch and squeezed and rubbed. It was still warm. It felt so good on my hand! He was obviously not enjoying it as much as I was, but I continued for a short time. Then I took his wet underwear off and he asked me to rinse it out before putting it in the washer for him. I did as he asked. Then I came back to the tub and we had some of the best sex I think we have ever had!

As we held each other and took each other’s cocks in our hands I asked “What did you do in your underwear?” He said, “I pissed my pants.” I said, “Oh, say it again.” He again said,”I pissed my pants.” I came as soon as he said it the second time.

I know it will be months, maybe longer before he will do it again, but the memory of last Saturday has helped me make it through a stressful week. I still can’t believe he actually did it. What a nice surprise!

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