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Wok up thi morning ready to explode, it was 4;20 so ic course I had to partake. Had some while tommy hilfigger briefs on. ( I know that was dumb given my history, what did I expect, I went into the kitchen to grab a couple smokes and go sit in the pot. Well I had such a cramp my btptpreufs started to fill. I make move to the np bathroom and bang. Apple oatmeal and everything else I ate the past 2 days spewed out the dude if my briefs all over the kitchen floor!!

Now I’m stoned half asleep with shit dripping everywhere. My partner is asleep (praying he doesn’t wake up!). Do I stat there or he’d for the bathroom.? Every step leaking more.

I decided I need to take care of the loaded pants I have in first. I got in the shower striped down, hosed the shit off me . Undies do still loaded in the tub. I m slipping eriund. I had just Pt mopped the floor and I’m getting it wet again. I took a towel and tried to clean up the bulk. I tossed that in the tub with my shut pants theN
I got paper towels a To Finnish then used my steam mop tofupinicpsh.

Next was to clean the trail to the bathroom. Finally I hiss out my bruefs somewhat Nd got back to bed,p. Way more than I bargained for.

Diapers fir now on. I can cleanup the shiftiest diaper and shower up in no time. I t would have been a nice diaper sleep in for a while too.

I opemrjenarjrom door and there is my parent who is also Imcontinent from rectal cancer he had messed his diaper waiting ffor me to get out .i said sorry pooK you want me to help you clean up? He just flared at me and let out 4he loaded fart/shit that almost knocked his diaper off. I laughed and hugged him. and patted his messy bottom . Poor thing. After his we powdered each other and diapered each other up nice and tight!

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