What A Good Way To Get Warm

On a cold night, I decided I would have some fun. I went to the kitchen, drank about five glasses of water and then returned to my room to wait for the water to take effect. After a little while, I felt a big urge to go so I put my blue gym shorts and went  in my back yard. I waited Till the urge was uncontrollable, sat down on a chair and pissed my shorts. I was super hard so I decided to remove my shorts and started to jack off. It wasn’t that long until I came all over myself. After that, i still felt urine left in my bladder so i decided to pee all over myself to be sure I stayed warm for a little while. After all of this, I went back to my room like nothing happened and went to bed, soaking my sheets a little.

That was the first time i pissed my self on purpose and it happened a little before my previous story.

Thank you for reading 😀

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  1. That was great. I love pissing myself like that when I go bike riding. I pee right through my bike shorts all over myself.

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