What a day – fiction

The phone started ringing, telling Claire that it’s time to get up.
– Ahh, just five minutes and getting up… – Claire whispered and put the phone under her pillow.
-Screw you prick – said the girl, sitting on her bed, rubbing her belly. She finally got up and walked to the window, only to see dark clouds and few drops of rain, all telling that the autumn was now here.
Claire then headed to the bathroom to do some morning routine, have a pee, take shower, standard things.
She sat on the toilet and relieved. Strong stream of piss started to flow, but nothing more wanted to come out, in spite of girl’s stomach rumbling and demanding immedate relieving.
But nothing was really strange. After previous day’s trip with her friend it felt normal, that stomach may not work perfectly fine. Eating fast food, drinking alcohol and sweet sodas could take various effects, causing diarrhea or constipation.
Neverthless, Claire tensed, groaned few times and few, little shitty pebbles came out of her, not giving any relief. She stood up and looked into the mirror to check if she maybe lost some fat.
No, not at all. She was still normal, moderate girl. Not too tall, not too short. Not too fat, not to slim, yet rather well built, what gave her firm, sexy bottom, not to big but still nice breasts, and what she called her own curse even if it wasn’t really true, prominent, but not too fat stomach.
After finishing bathroom, Claire dressed up and left the house, heading to the mall.
– Shirt, another shirt, water, juice, one more shirt, tampons, another shirt, oh, hi Bettie – meeting her colleague interrupted her noting all she planned to buy today
– Hey girl. Wazzup? Doing fine? – Bettie asked, smiling
– Yup. Where are you heading?
– Work, Claire. That’s my shift today. Have you heard about blah blah blah blah – she started her standard talk, gossiping about everything, everyone and even more everything. By this time, Claire heard her stomach grumble and felt gas moving inside her bowels, giving strange feeling like it was stones running down her belly.
– Yes, yes, no, oh, of course, you know, we shall talk tomorrow at work, I have much to do, see ya!
Claire left ugly Bettie and followed her way. Another grumble and more stones running through the bowels caused her to stop and rub her stomach, not knowing what happened. Was it poisoning? Or maybe it was yesterday? She looked around if noone is nearby and tried to let out some gas, maybe it could help? Few silent ones left her booty, but how smelly they were. Even fresh air couldn’t kill the odour, so poor Claire walked out of there, occasionally feeling more grumbles and gasses tearing her stomach from left to right.
She reached the first shop she wanted to visit and started to look for her favourite shirts. She felt an urge to fart building inside her, but she couldn’t fart here. Not with THAT smelly ones, not inside the shop. She continued searching, and the urge started to get more and more intensive, after only few minutes reaching the level, that caused Claire to hurry to the register. But god, damn the queue. Few families must have decided to buy the whole shop, it took over twenty minutes for Claire to pay and leave the shop. Clenching her legs, she hurried to the exit, walked outside and lit a cigarette, slowly walking further from the exit for people not to hear her farting. She walked about two hundred meters and continued smoking. The urge in her bowels was very strong. She could barely hold it. Slowly, milimeter by milimeter she started to unclench her legs, trying not to let the full blast of gas to rush out. Damn, how right she was!
After one more second, Claire bent her knees a little bit, then totally clenched her legs and almost sucked her anus into her bowels.
– Diarrhea… – she moaned
It was not the gasses. It was the god damn diarrhea, what built an urge in her bowels during last hour. Claire looked around and checked for the toilet. It wasn’t good. The nearest one was inside the mall, and the other one… Claire looked around once more, trying not to loosen her legs. Subway station about four hundred meters from this place. She tooked few, deep breaths and finished her cigarette. Now she regained control. She walked fast heading to the mall, not letting anyone nearby know that she’s on the verge of failing and totally messing herself. “Two minutes longer, oh, please, one minute longer” she heard voice inside her head. It was really bad. Her stomach was now screaming in pain, rumbling that she could hear it while still walking fast. Another waves of heat were hitting her, and more stones were running through her bowels, building more pain and more urge, burdening her poor sphincter.
Finally, she opened the door and saw a long corridor, and on the end of it was her paradise – door to the women bathroom. She hurried, trying not to run, and after few seconds she opened the door.
“No…” her mind whispered. How many women were in the queue? Too many. Not thinging much she turned around and headed to the underground station. Damn, it must have been almost half mile from here…
She rushed out of the mall and lit another cigarette. God knows, maybe it could help? Her walk started to look like duck gait, as she tried not to let even a small drop of poop, her bottom was clenched that strong, that she couldn’t walk normally. Her stomach clattered and Claire’s sphincter gave way a little bit. She could feel very small stickiness around her anus, and sized of a drop of water grease on her panties. She now prayed toe hold it long enough, a little leak was nothing scary, she felt it many times and it was enough to wipe her ass and everything was fine again.
But now she had to fight for no more shit getting out. And a big fight it was. Her bowels now felt like ton of cement pressing a small, soft cork. She threw the cigarette on the ground and cautiously walked down to the subway station. Hopefully, it was totally empty at this time, giving Claire hope that the bathroom could be empty as well. She barely could walk now, with her legs bent in her knees, ass totally clenched and one hand pressing her anus so strong, that she almost couldn’t feel her fingers.
Claire slowly opened door to the bathroom section and saw her salvation. Her shoes scraped on the ground, because she didn’t want to risk taking her leg even an inch from the ground. Her stomach hit one more, and she could feel her sphincter almost give up again. Rumble from the bowels echoed from the walls. Few seconds later medium, attractive girl moved to the door of the women bathroom and screamed of anger, when she saw “Sunday closed”. Her face turned red, as she looked around once more. There were no trashcans here, not washbasins, no a place that she could relieve.
– No, please, no, no… – she moaned very silent – No…
Sound of snarling interrupted with silent popping of farts filled the room, as Claire covered her face, trying not to focus on warm, sticky “something” that instantly filled her panties, then crushed out of them and filled her tight leggings to the half of her leg between knee and bottom. It wasn’t really liquid, it was strictly soft, runny shit containing her yesterdays half digested food. She could feel as it quickly rush through her, now unclenched, buttcheeks, spread through her pink panties, then move out stiches of these panties on the both sides, and fill her whole bottom, slowly running down her legs, stopping somewhere above her knees. Few more farts occured and last drops of poop came out. The curse finally gave way, leaving the girl with red face, brown panties and full leggings of fresh, stinky, sticky poo. Claire checked her sphincter if she regained control. You could call it such, but when she clenched her bottom to check if everything is OK, she could feel the whole load move in her panties and leggings.
Damn, what a day it was…

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