Wetting with a fit fit boy :D

I had the best and worse and most humiliating day of my life today. But i think i might make a habit of it 😀

Her let me tell you what happened.


7:30 shit. i have done it again, over slept. Gonna be late for collage. I rushed into the bathroom and sink washed so i wasnt really very clean :/, i legged it down the stairs and fed the animals. Now it was 8. 10 miuntes till the bus. So i made my self a cup of coffee and put another in a flask. i drank the first one in 2 gulps. Grabbed my bag and legged it to the bus stop. Nothing to wrong yet.


On the bus i felt an urge in my bladder. I had forgotten to pee before i left for the bus! The journey was 45 minutes, i was sure i could make that easily. I slowley siped my coffee, we stopped at the next stop, and a man about 19 20 got onto the bus and came and sat next to me. He was really fit. Lush abbs short spikey brown hair and these piercing eyes. He said hi and i found out he was called josh. Great a sexy name to fit his sexy body 😛 he was wearing trakkies and a hoodie. Josh told me he went to my collage and took some lessons with me, I was suprised i’d never noticed him before! i felt a small wave of desperation and fidgeted in my seat. I tried to pass it off as if i was looking out the window. I noticed we were stuck in traffic.


We hadn’t moved in the last 25 minutes and i was getting very desperate now, i hadn’t planned this! suddenly i felt a little pee escape and i grabbed my crotch not thinking about josh. I suddenley realised and turned to look at him. He was staring at me, and i saw he had a hudge hard one. His trakkies were like a tent!!! He said to me, dont worry im dieing for the toilet to! lets get off here its near my house.


we hobbled off the bus and walked the short 5 minutes to his house. He told me on the way that he lives alone and he was sure we could maybe have a little fun today!

Suddenly i lost it. I grabbed my crotch but nothing stopped the river ecapping my bladder running down my legs and plopping on to the pavment. Josh then did the same thing and we ran to his house,


when we got inside i did things id never done before…. but i do want to do them again!

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