Wetting underpants …. and then?

I am a German gay man, who really likes to piss his underpants (when private). I have a nice BF since more than 6 years – and HE knows about my desires from day 1.
He (nevertheless) is NOT into piss – but he accepts my desires since we are lovers.

Now, my questions:
– What is your biggest turn-on, when pissing your undies?
– Do U wash your undies immediately after wetting?
– Do U piss them more often than only 1 time (in days!)?
– Do U enoy the *smell* of several times pissed underpants?
– Where do U keep your underpants after wetting them (in case, U dont wash them right away)?

Thanks for all of your replies – this, btw., is my first *blog* ever…

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  1. 1)the warm beathween my legs
    2)if i’m alone at home no
    3) yes twice often
    4) yes i always enjoy the stance of my piss
    5)sometimes i put my soaked undies in a blastic bag after i dryed them

  2. I love the warmth and seeing the wet stain spread over my briefs.
    Not unless circumstances make it necessary.
    If I am having a lazy dY at home I will wet them through the day, several times.
    Yes and I enjoy being able to smell another’s guys wet pants.
    When dry I put them in the basket to wash.

  3. I like the wetness and warmth of piss flowing down my legs and into my sox.
    I like the look of white briefs turning yellow.
    I like to pee in my briefs and cargo pants not just jeans as I don’t wear them often.
    If you like what you read you can contact me @ Emblmer9@aol.com

    Thanks for reading,

    I am Phil

  4. 1 That it feels so nice and that it is wrong.
    2. Dont wash them until they REALLY smell..
    3. I like to wash’n wear as in wash them by peeing them then let them dry and do it again X 4 or 5
    4. Love the smell of wet undies or cloth nappies especially when the wearer has used baby powdert …
    5. I hang them up way out back in the trees where no-one will find them .

  5. 1. I pee in tight jeans, with tight white briefs on underneath. I enjoy “losing control” of something I am supposed to be able to control, and I enjoy making a wet stain on my (usually) faded or light-colored levis, so others that would enjoy it can see me (or talk about it to their friend–young guys especially are always turned on to seeing another guy piss himself, especially if he looks like them and is attractive).
    2. 3. After I pee myself, I may leave the jeans/briefs on for about up to an hour, then I usually masturbate in them, and take a shower, washing my wet clothing as well as me.
    4. I don’t usually enjoy the smell of peed clothing. It doesn’t take much pee to last a long time if it isn’t washed out right away. I try to keep my place smelling nice.
    5. I throw my wet briefs and jeans in the tub, for soaking them later.

  6. The first time I really did it on purpose I was 15 and at home alone. I had seen my best mate have an accident and been really turned on. I was in school uniform, blue long corduroy trousers, white soft cotton boxers and white shirt. I was sitting and held till I could hold no more and the piss gushed through undies and cords and into my fingers and kept coming.
    I watched the stain spread.
    I felt my crotch and bottom getting warm and wet.
    Sat back amazed and incredibly excited.
    Opened my sodden cords and saw my soaking yellow stained boxers. and white cords lining.
    Enjoyed 15 minutes of pleasure before exploding.
    Showered and then sniffed my wet clothes before putting in the wash.
    When Mum got home I told her I had done a wee in my pants and she was not bothered. Just told me everyone does it sometimes.
    If at home alone all day I kept my wet pants on till I had to get cleaned up before Mum got back.
    I enjoy the smell if not too pungent. Like the smell when my pants are wet and drying.

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