Wetting & The Dating Scene

I wonder – how many people here actually have partners, and how many of you with partners let your partners know about your fetish? If they do know about it; do they enjoy it?

I would love to find a boyfriend, honestly. I’m not sure if the people around here are into wetting. Do you guys prefer to enjoy it by your lonesome, or prefer to wet in front of strangers? I’d love to hear thoughts on the subject, and experiences with other people. I’d like to believe I can have my cake and eat it too – and not just wet my pants by myself for ever – or should I say… I’d love to have my pants and pee them too. ~

Also… if you’re around the PDX area… maybe we could try our hand at playing with each other!
KIK: slugdad

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  1. Love it. Are you single? I hope that’s not too personal. Feel free to not answer.

    I only ask because I enjoy knowing how many people who are into what I’m into actually end up finding people who appreciate the same things as them.

  2. My partner GF foes know about my skintight jeans peeing and pooping fetish… even she does not fully share it ; I mean she occasionnaly pees her skintight jeans for me, but very rarely, and anyway she never poops her jeans or leggings, at least not on purpose.

    However she tolerates when I pee or poop my jeans at home in her presence… !

  3. I was planning on getting married so I felt compelled to tell my wife about my panty pooping/farting fetish, I didn’t want her to find a pair of skimpy lace panties and think that I was sleeping with another woman, Shes a BBW goddess too and I’m a smaller guy, so she would see the smaller panties and absolutely assume I was fucking someone else. I sat her down one day, warned her that something big was coming, and told her everything. She honestly thought it was strange and humorous more than gross honestly. She dosent partake with me but there are also things she’s into that I am not as well, so it kinda goes both ways honestly. She actually has a weak stomach and shits her pants accidentally pretty often, and gets genuinely embarassed by it when turns me on even more honestly lol. My fetish is something I generally keep to myself tho, I do it when she’s at work and just masturbate. I film short clips for this site as well and she knows about my profile here, she actually has the log in information for it as well, she’s gotten bored of signing in and checking cause I don’t flirt with other people on here. She absolutely pokes fun at me tho and says things like “you little boy
    You wanna poop your little pants for me” and stuff like that, and I think she secretly knows it’s a turn on for me even tho she makes it seem like a joke. Human sexuality is a very complex thing and even more for someone with fetishes, but I’m sure you can find someone who can at least be understanding towards your desires, even if they don’t completely enjoy them.

  4. hey, dont wanna post my kik here publicly but i sent you a message on kik, idk if i’d wanna date rn but im always down for more wet or messy friends ?

  5. I met my now husband on a pants pissing site. We both like it. I love to shit my pants, he isn’t really into that so I do it when he is at work. I have pissed with several other guys in Dallas before I met him. That was hot.

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