Wetting recently on business trips

Recently I’ve been on the road a lot, giving me a few chances to wet myself.

On one day while travelling with colleagues I slowly started spurting pee into my jeans.

The jeans were quite new, black jeans, so they hardly showed the fun I was having.

The first bit of pee I let out during our flight, then on the long taxi ride afterwards I pretended to be asleep: In fact I was slowly wetting myself and loving it, my four colleagues next to me in the mini-van not knowing what I was doing.

Throughout the afternoon I continued to leak into my jeans – just enough to be wet, but not dripping pee.

That night in the hotel I came home from our business dinner and drinks and bursting to pee.

Instead of using the toilet, I went to sleep… waking up soon after and then completely flooding my bed.

A couple days later on another business trip I also got back from our dinner and drinks absolutely desperate. This time there was no way that I could fall asleep without relieving the pressure, so again I started flooding my hotel bed.

My luck; this bed had a water-tight mattress cover and soon I was laying in a pool of warm pee.

It felt fantastic and made me incredible hard…

Wanking and then sleeping in the pool of piss was an incredible feeling.

Hopefully I’ll be on the road again soon.

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  1. I’ve done the same when on the road on business. Pooping my pants in malls and wetting my motel bed ‘accidently on purpose’

  2. Nice story! Question: in the first hotel,after flooding the bed, no problems with the hotel manager? Or was this mattress also protected?
    I am too afraid of consequences to do it in a hotel!

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  4. I love this – my favorite time is when I’m on business trips. I like to open the fold away couch and lay on it and let loose. I can’t wait for my next trip! Thanks for sharing.

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