Wetting pants school days

I have wet myself by accident far more times than messing, I would say at least twenty times, less than half were at school and to be honest some have been in my adult years. I have always simply tried to hold on for too long and failed. On one occasion at school I was sent out of the classroom for talking, ironically I was telling my friend sitting next to me that I thought I was going to wet myself. Boys who were sent out to stand in the corridor were normally sent out for between five and ten minutes. Now, you would have thought that that would be long enough to dash to the toilet and get back again without being missed, but the logic of an eight year old who has just been told off doesn’t work like that. I had already started spurting pee into my pants, the damp patch growing. Without warning a fuzzy warm feeling swept over me as an involuntary action occurred, the warm feeling was no doubt the pee soaking my pants, flooding out through my shorts and running down my legs into my shoes and socks, I could feel my shirt clinging to me as the soaking work it’s way upwards, the only part of my clothing not caught in this childhood crime was a neat knotted school tie. The relief however was fantastic although shortlisted. As I was inspecting the damage, the classroom door opened, I looked up feeling totally ashamed as the teacher bellowed “what have you been doing out here you stupid child” It was perfectly normal practice to humiliate a child who had done anything like this and I was ordered to stand on a chair so the whole class could see how wet I was (different timed back then) I was then taken to be dried and changed, a very itchy (but clean) pair of pants were put on me a light blue pair of shorts and a baggy T shirt, I had my plimsoles and socks from my gym kit. Of course dressed like that every kid in the school knew what I had done, no disguising it from mom when I got home either

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  1. I can definitely relate to this, as I have had trouble controlling my bladder all my life. I had many school wettings as a kid, and still pee myself as an adult. I love that warm wet feeling too, as you described.

  2. I wet my pants in school a number of times..once I just sat there and knew I was about to pee and I started crying. by the time the teacher realized I needed to pee I was already soaking my pants in the little wooden desk chair. pee ran in a stream off the chair and onto the floor

  3. Wetting Pants School Days is a great subject. It was apparently my early beginnings in this fetish as I’ve posted in the now-disappeared Forum section! I’m now 71 so back in early 50s when in First Grade, my first experience at being really fascinated with bodily functions (as youngsters always or nearly always are, especially boys but are supposed to grow out of it, lol!) we were all sitting on the school room floor during story time. We were in a semicircle around the teacher who was sitting in a chair. Off to my right suddenly one of my girl classmates groaned very loudly and attempted to get up. The teacher must have instantly known what was wrong and told her to go ahead to the girls room which was 3 flights of stairs down to the building basement! The girl never got the chance to get up, I looked over at her and she was squatting still and her dress (all girls wore dresses to school then…) was short enough that I could see most of her bum and her white panties. I could also see a very strong stream of pee squirting out of her bottom onto a rapidly spreading pool on the floor. After she stopped peeing, she stood up and the teacher walked over with several paper towels and put them on her puddle of pee and told everyone to stay away from it. She told my classmate to tell her the next time she needed to go to the girls room.

    I don’t remember any pee accidents that I would have had during all of my 12 school years. Must have had good bladder control I guess. Wish there was a box to check to know when we respond to comments here! I’ll check back as often as I think of it. Thanks for sparking memories!

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