Wetting pants in school

This didn’t happen to me. It happened to a friend of mine who is a non-wetter.  He told this story to me last year.  I trust him that this is real .  The rest is how it was told to me by someone who grew up on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma.

I didn’t ask when this happened, because I didn’t want to be too curious.  I’m very private about my sexuality around people.

When I was in school, it was near the beginning of the year and I realized I had to pee.  I went to the teacher to ask if I could go and she yelled ‘No” sort of harshly so I tried to wait until later.

We went outside for recess after that and while I was out there, I accidentally peed in my shorts.  When I looked down I couldn’t tell they were wet because they were the black shiny kind of basketball shorts.

The next day, I ended up peeing in my shorts again during the recess and it didn’t show up either. So I started peeing my shorts during recess so I wouldn’t have to ask the teacher if I could go.  Most of my shorts were black, so you couldn’t tell that they were wet.

But one day my mom made me wear jeans because it was starting to get cold out.  I ended up peeing in them by accident.  The school nurse told me to always ask somebody when I needed to go and said that she would talk to the teacher for me.

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