wetting pants in front of dad 2

Hi, Thanks for all of the positive comments about my last story about wetting my pants in front of my dad. I thought I would post some more since several of you expressed interest.


One time dad took me to church. I was dressed up of course, wearing dress pants. One thing that I have liked to do for a long time is to let out spurts of pee in my pants over time. I love to do that because it keeps my underwear nice and warm with my pee and I usually have a nice wet spot on my pants. So that is what I was doing at church that day. I had had alot to drink before we went to church, so sitting in the pew I really had to go. So every so often I would let out a spurt of pee in my pants, getting my underwear nice and wet and leaving a wet patch on my pants, though since they were dark it was not that noticeable. But dad noticed I was doing that. So he leaned over and asked me if I thought I could hold it, and I said I would try. Well after a bit I began to feel more desperate. At one point I was grabbing myself I had to go so bad. Dad whispered again for me to try to hold it. We got to the last hymn of the service and we all stood up. That was when I realized I was not going to be able to hold it in anymore. I let go and stood there wetting my pants. The pee quickly soaked my briefs and was running down my pants legs and onto my socks. I had taken off my shoes like I usually do, so my socks got really wet. Dad looked down and saw what I had done, told me to step into my shoes, then he quickly pulled me out of church quick before too many people could see!


Another time dad took me to a baseball game at a stadium. Dad kept buying me drinks, and after awhile I really had to go bad. Dad could tell because I was holding myself and fidgeting. He asked if I wanted to find the restroom, but I said I would wait. Then in the game there was a home run so everybody jumped up, and dad and I got up too, and that is when I couldn’t hold it anymore and let my pee go in my pants. The fun thing was I was wearing white shorts, so when I wet myself, they became totally see thru. Dad just laughed and said I shouldn’t have waited so long, but he figured it didnt really matter if I wet myself in the stadium. So after that he said that anytime I had to go when we were sitting there, I could just go ahead and go in my pants. That was great, because I was sitting thru the game, wetting myself anytime I felt like it. Some of the guys around us seemed mad, but dad said he didnt’ care. I was totally soaked and my white shorts were totally see thru by the time we left.


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  3. yes, eventually i figured out that my dad liked for me to wet my pants. i dont think he ever wet his, but he always liked to see me wet myself, esp in public. eventually he started to encourage me to do it.

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